2face feels inferior to me, says Blackface.

2face feels inferior to me, says Blackface.
Blackface, a well-known dancehall musician and former member of the disbanded Plantashun Boiz, claims that the long-standing conflict between him and his former bandmate 2Face has persisted over time because of the latter's inferiority issue.

In the most recent episode of The Honest Bunch Podcast, Blackface said that he and Faze are "cool" but that there is animosity between them because of 2Baba.

However, he said that he had already pardoned 2Face for everything that he had done to him, both deliberately and unknowingly, and begged the singer of "African Queen" to do the same.

"Faze and I get along. I wonder whether 2face feels inferior to me.

"It's time to put the past behind us. I pardon 2face for everything he has deliberately and inadvertently done to me. Blackface added, "He should also find room to forgive me for anything I have done.

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