Abdulrazaq, the governor of Kwara, sends commissioners to a media workshop.

Abdulrazaq, the governor of Kwara, sends commissioners to a media workshop.
Kwara State commissioners are currently receiving training in media ethics and etiquette in order to properly and adequately represent the administration.

While on her familiarization tour, the commissioner for communication, Bolanle Olukoji, dropped a clue at the correspondent chapel.

She went on to say that the state government will not take the partnership for granted since it is confidently aware of the good contributions made by the media, particularly correspondents, to the success of Governor Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq's administration.

She claimed that the administration took action toward this goal by training other professionals who had little to no media expertise and streamlining the source of information to the public to media experts in the cabinet.

You will agree with me that aside from the fact that we are not all equally gifted, while some are vocal, some are not, she stated in response to journalists' criticisms. We all come from various backgrounds, and the state government does not want this to negatively impact its current relationship with the media, which is why some commissioners chose not to speak to reporters.

"In light of this reality, the government has arranged media training for the commissioners to learn about media ethics and etiquette in order to avoid unnecessary conflicts."

They (commissioners) will know what to say and how to say it, she continued.

We simply want to make sure that the government is never misrepresented and never will be, she said.

She did thank the church for its assistance, noting that Governor Abdulrahman's successes could not have been made possible without the help of the media.

"You guys made Kwara very calm; if you had decided to turn a blind eye, it may have been otherwise. I won't fool myself; I'm aware that having you as partners is a blessing for the state," she remarked.

She appealed with journalists to always double-check from her office before going to the press, acknowledging that there could always be unfavorable reports and the impulse or need to publish them.

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