About the COVID-19 test project, the company denies any wrongdoing

About the COVID-19 test project, the company denies any wrongdoing
Allegations of misconduct or corrupt practices in the company's management of the COVID-19 testing project at Ghana's Kotoka International Airport have been refuted by the multinational Frontiers Healthcare Services (FHS).

The claims made on social media by a Mr. Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa, according to a statement from the company's management, were "false, baseless, and a complete fabrication."

He characterized the assertion that FHS undervalued the Ghanaian government as completely false.

"A properly executed contract which was robustly negotiated by world class professionals on either side regulated the contractual relationship between FHS and the Government of Ghana," the company stated.

The company added that FHS fulfilled its corporate social duty by donating one of its laboratories to the Ghana Health Service at the conclusion of the contract.

"FHS did not undervalue the Government of the Republic of Ghana in any manner. Instead, as the aforementioned representations make clear, Ghana's government and people greatly benefited from FHS in a variety of ways.

"Therefore, it is malevolent and immoral for anyone to create false narratives and non-existent figures in order to make money."

The company added that the assertion that FHS receives assistance from the Ghanaian government is the most "preposterous, absurd, and ridiculous" of all the allegations.

It was made clear that it had "no connection whatsoever with any official of the government." With all due rigor, FHS now explicitly denies and rejects any implication or indication that it is associated, affiliated, or in any way related to any member of the Republic of Ghanaian government.

Thus, FHS hereby explicitly rejects and refutes any claim of government favoritism, without any caveats or explanations of any kind. There is absolutely no truth at all in any of these suggestions.

"This accusation stems from individuals whose intentions are motivated by an inexplicable inclination to unjustly disparage an incredibly remarkable intervention that has saved Ghanaian lives during a period of truly testing challenge to the nation's safe existence. It is obviously mischievous, unwarranted, and speculative.”

The company lamented that "the current politically polarized nature of our dear nation has been wrought with negative media onslaught," despite the fact that this should be celebrated as one of the nation's finest accomplishments during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Referencing the lawmaker's purported remarks, the company stated that the introduction of creative health solution systems cleverly designed by Frontiers Healthcare Services Limited, essentially with the primary focus of arresting the potential inflow and onward transmission of the virus to the resident population of our dear country, Ghana, made the reopening of the air borders of the Republic of Ghana during the pandemic possible.

Ghana "was recognized as the first country in the world to deploy and commence rapid testing on international arriving passengers for the novel COVID-19 virus," according to the statement published by the company.

It stated that "FHS deployed a sophisticated Automated Immunoassay System (AIS) that has been proven to have unbeatable accuracy" in order to guarantee the integrity and reliability of the test result performed in accordance with the method.

"The Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) of Ghana and the Laboratory Division of the National COVID-19 Task Force independently examined this equipment and determined it to be very safe and efficient.”

Regarding the test's $150 price tag, the company claimed that it was the most affordable worldwide.

It stated: "It was impractical to charge less than $150 at the beginning of the process, and even at that, it was the lowest fee charged anywhere in the world at the time, considering the sophistication of the tests done and the massive investment in infrastructure (including laboratories, testing cubicles, equipment, reagents, etc.), human resource (more than 500 staff), rent and electricity, royalties, and logistics (especially Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and other infection control measures)."

"It really was 100 percent more economical and efficient than its nearest rivals."

"This guy, by whatever name he goes by, has done a huge disservice to those who benefitted from the project; those whose lives were saved by the preventive action of comprehensive the testing mechanism and processes, and for the nation of Ghana as a whole," the firm said in criticism of Ablakwa.

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