According to a group, the suspension of N-Power will make Nigerian security worse.


According to a group, the suspension of N-Power will make Nigerian security worse.The N-Power initiative was abruptly terminated, and the North-Central Advocacy Coalition (NCAC) requested the federal government to restart it on Wednesday, claiming that doing so would compound the security issues currently present in the region's north.

The group made notice of the numerous detrimental effects the program's suspension will have on the nation, particularly the North.

Ndagi Baba Toro, the association's president general, said in a statement that the federal government's decision will be bad for the program's participants since they will now face more competition in an already congested employment market.

The northern region will be particularly hard hit, according to Toro, as the program has made a considerable contribution to lowering poverty and unemployment rates there.

"Quickly stopping this helpful initiative runs the risk of producing a pool of disgruntled and unemployed adolescents who may be more open to extremist organizations or participate in criminal activity.

The N-Power program's suspension "will exacerbate security challenges in Northern Nigeria by creating a pool of disgruntled and unemployed youth who may be open to recruitment by extremist groups or engage in criminal activity."

In addition to offering job possibilities, the initiative helped young people feel included in society and empowered.

According to Toro, the program will give young people not only economic prospects but also a means of social inclusion and empowerment.

"The government runs the risk of further destabilizing the already unstable northern region and jeopardizing national security," he continued. The decision to end the N-Power program seems hurried, ill-timed, and unwise. To lessen the detrimental effects on beneficiaries, the government ought to have looked for alternate options and phased them out gradually.

The abrupt suspension in the absence of a clear alternative or transition plan "displays a lack of foresight and consideration for the welfare of the affected individuals," according to the statement.

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