AfriHacks, the biggest hackathon in Africa, is back to unleash creativity and empower talent.


AfriHacks, the biggest hackathon in Africa, is back to unleash creativity and empower talent.Africa's top hackathon, AfriHacks, is back to encourage creativity and economic empowerment across the continent. AfriHacks 2023, which is put on by the World Innovation League (WIL), promises to transform the tech scene once more while giving African talent a distinctive platform to succeed.

Under the innovative guidance of Uchi Uchibeke, the founder and CEO of Chimoney, AfriHacks, formerly known as NaijaHacks and AfricaHacks, has developed and is now a part of WIL. This change demonstrates WIL's dedication to supporting startups, builders, and innovators around the world.

AfriHacks 2023 participants will set off on a creation, cooperation, and learning adventure. The AfriHacks community welcomes participants of all backgrounds and skill levels, from budding programmers to seasoned tech aficionados. The event has become known for its inclusiveness, which encourages both emerging and seasoned talent to collaborate and realize their creative visions.

AfriHacks' virtual character, which enables participants to participate from any location in the world, sets it apart from other hackathons. To ensure accessibility for all, workshops, mentorship sessions, and the eagerly awaited Demo Day will all be held online.

The hackathon will concentrate on a number of areas, including AI, web3, hardware, and more, and will present participants with a variety of chances and challenges. AfriHacks strives to recognize and honor great creativity and problem-solving with a total of over 30 prizes totaling more than $100,000 in cash and bonuses.

This year, Chimoney, a worldwide payment platform that is redefining the way we manage financial transactions, is thrilled to present AfriHacks. Chimoney makes payments simple by enabling users to transfer money using only their email address or phone number, with the option for recipients to receive their money in the form of bank accounts, gift cards, mobile money, airtime, or even cryptocurrency.

The goals of AfriHacks and Chimoney's dedication to innovation and economic empowerment are perfectly compatible. As the event's official sponsor, Chimoney will be essential to making sure everything goes successfully, including enabling the awarding of prizes and the distribution of benefits and rewards to hackers all around the world.

AfriHacks provides an opportunity to assist the development of young innovators and be a part of Africa's tech revolution for those wishing to collaborate with this extraordinary event. Partners will not only support a vibrant and diversified innovation environment, but they will also become more visible and well-known in the larger tech community.

More than just a hackathon, AfriHacks 2023 is a celebration of African invention and the strength of teamwork. The festival will run from December 7 to December 12, 2023, with the main demo day falling on December 14. Visit to find out more and to submit an application for participation or partnership opportunities.

Join AfriHacks in redefining the direction of African technology. Visit to participate in this revolutionary experience, partner up, and apply.

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