Akinboboye unveils ‘YATE’ to stimulate Nigerian tourism business

Akinboboye unveils ‘YATE’ to stimulate Nigerian tourism businessTo encourage tourist enterprises in Nigeria and Africa, Chief Wanle Akinboboye, the founder of La Campaign Tropicana, has launched the "Youth African Tourism Expedition" (YATE) initiative.

In a statement on Sunday, Akinboboye said that YATE is the second of 52 new tourism items at his disposal that he would be happy to offer the industry in order to boost business.

He said that the first of these goods, the Diaspora Nigeria Economic Recovery Programme (DNERP), was already delivered.

He asked the youth to support the program to improve the travel and tourism industry.

"In order to provide young people between the ages of 15 and 40 with a lifestyle they can grow with, we have chosen to provide a tourist product that will excite them.

"YATE is a youth initiative designed to inspire young people to travel, experience tourism, and discover Africa.

"YATE is developed for young people between the ages of 15 and 40, college students, young business executives, and other fun-seekers through the establishment of a camp in an environment with an eco-friendly African theme.

He described the atmosphere as "a place spiced with team-building exercises through games like swimming, aim the basket, catapulting, table tennis, live roasting-grilling of yam, plantain, barbecue, snooker, and many more."

Akinboboye claims that YATE is accessible to young entrepreneurs in the tourism industry since it provides a model for business development in Nigeria, Africa, and other nations.

He claimed he was making YATE available to young entrepreneurs in the tourism industry so they could benefit from it right now, either as participants or as business owners.

Those who sign up with us at info@lacampagnetropicana.com are able to visit schools, recruit students for YATE, and receive commissions.

"We want to build the sector up from the ground up. That's because YATE will provide a quick return, remove kids from restlessness, teach them how to have lasting enjoyment, and introduce them to a new way of life, he said.

He pointed out that the absence of tourism education was the actual issue with tourism and the main cause of why the industry had taken so long to develop in Nigeria.

"As we all know, the foundation on which we are all standing today was created by the labor of yesterday's men.

"We are accountable for building the platform of the future. Sadly, our ancestors had no formal exposure to hospitality, leisure, or tourism.

"We are attempting to educate young people about tourism so that they can learn how profitable it is and what tourism and information building are all about.

Some of them, he said, "will end up serving as ministers in the government tomorrow."

Akinboboye, however, asserted that they would develop through the formal education they would receive from YATE, which is a process of practical tourist education.

"It is not what we are learning in the classroom, but what we are experiencing in real life," he remarked.

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