APC calls on PDP to enable Nasarawa State to be peaceful.

APC calls on PDP to enable Nasarawa State to be peaceful.
The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has been urged by the All Progressives Congress (APC), Nasarawa State chapter, to avoid inflaming the public with incendiary propaganda that can incite people and promote racial and religious tensions.

This was said at a press conference in Lafia, the state capital, by Aliyu Bello, the state's APC chairman.

The opposition PDP in the state was challenged by the ruling APC to quit deceiving the electorate with deceptive propaganda.

"It is important to note that several issues have emerged, particularly from the opposition People's Democratic Party, PDP," he stated in reference to the split verdict of the Governorship Election Petition Tribunal.

He added that no matter how positive and helpful something seems to be coming from Governor Abdullahi Sule's government, the PDP seems to be upset and up in arms about it.

In order to prevent the people from being duped into believing their lies and untruth, it is crucial to put things into their proper perspective, the APC Chairman said.

Aliyu Bello voiced dissatisfaction with the PDP Muslim forum's news conference criticizing governor Abdullahi Sule's remarks over the split decision that supported the PDP in the most recent electoral tribunal ruling in the state.

In response, the PDP asked the APC not to be a terrible loser but to assume the role of honor, relinquish the throne, and refrain from indoctrinating the public with sentiments of a religious and ethnic nature.

Dr. Mike Omeri, David Ombugadu's campaign manager, revealed this in response to the recent APC press conference, which was conducted in Lafia on Wednesday and claimed that PDP was despondent and fomenting rift in the state.

"Sule had stated that the late Akwai Doma was his guru in a number of forums. If Akwei Doma was indeed his mentor, then why isn't he trading the part Doma traded when he lost the CPC election to Tanko Almakura in 2011 as an incumbent governor?

"Aliyu Akwei Doma, who was a member of the PDP at the time—the federal and state ruling parties—was mature and discreet in how he handled losing.

"Governor Sule claimed in his statement that the PDP in the state is a Christian organization. The APC chairman is now expressing his regret over a press conference held by a group of PDP Muslims who urged Sule to be a decent loser by accepting his defeat and not giving it a religious spin.

However, the PDP urged the state's ruling APC to concede defeat in good faith and refrain from raising hell because Nasarawa voters this time opted to choose David Ombugadu.

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