Benin's Oba commemorates his coronation's seventh anniversary amid deafening applause.

Benin's Oba commemorates his coronation's seventh anniversary amid deafening applause.
As the Oba of Benin, Oba Ewuare II, ended the 7th year anniversary on the throne of his predecessors on Saturday in Benin, it was a colorful time and double celebration.

His birthday fell on the same day as the royal celebration, and everyone who could attend from all walks of life filled the palace to capacity.

According to the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), the event began with two days of free medical care and concluded on Saturday with a Thanksgiving service at the National Church in Benin.

On Saturday, Omo N'Oba Ewuare emerged from the inner chambers to the accompaniment of drumming and praise chanting by the Iweguae society. He waved to the sitting audience, who gave him a resounding applause.

Before the Thanksgiving ceremony on Saturday morning, the Friday event came to a close.

At the Aruo-Ozolua axis of the palace, where he was honored, the royal father sat on the venerable throne of his forebears.

Different traditional leaders, nobles, palace chiefs and functionaries, native doctors of various categories, priests and priestesses of various deities, traditional worshipers, and a large number of others paid the traditional homages.

The audience was delighted by performances by the Inne Theatre Troupe, Efesoghoba Palace Troupe, Epko-Avbiama, Igbabonelimi from Esan region, and others from various states.

Oba Ewuare expressed his gratitude to everyone for joining him in the celebration while praising the almighty God and his ancestors.

Traditional chiefs have praised the Benin king for his accomplishments since assuming the throne of his forefathers, including Osaro Idah, the Obazelu of Benin, Ozigbo Esere, and the Osuma of Benin.

The Benin king, however, asked the Edo State House of Assembly to take into account a number of significant cultural measures that would support and reinforce local cultural norms and value systems.

Oba Ewuare asserts that such legislation will significantly reduce the country's rising rate of youth-related social crimes.

When Mr. Blessing Agbebaku, the speaker of the Edo House of Assembly, escorted key members of the house to celebrate with the Oba at his palace, the royal father made the decision.

He cautioned Edo legislators to concentrate on their legislative work rather than being beholden to the executive branch of government.

The independence of the legislature, according to Omo N'Oba, is essential for a robust democracy because it forces lawmakers to uphold the expectations of the people who elected them.

Oba Ewuare praised the assembly's leadership while also promising support from the palace for the legislators.

Agbebaku, the speaker, had informed the king that they had come to his palace to wish him a happy birthday and to commemorate his coronation on the throne's seventh anniversary.

Agbebaku also promised the Edo Assembly's allegiance and vowed to cooperate with the palace for the state's general growth.

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