Climate Change: Representative Deputy Speaker Kalu calls on developed nations to assist African nations

Climate Change: Representative Deputy Speaker Kalu calls on developed nations to assist African nations
Mr. Benjamin Okezie Kalu, the Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives, has urged developed nations to assist African nations that are being severely impacted by climate change.

Speaking at the Thursday session of the ongoing 147th Assembly of the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) in Luanda, Angola, on the topic of "Parliamentary action for peace, justice, and strong institutions (SDG 16)," he expressed regret that more African nations than developed ones experience the dire consequences of climate change.

He clarified that the National Assembly's determination to enact the climate change bill was in line with international best practices.

In addition, Kalu emphasized how the National Assembly of Nigeria has contributed to the establishment of robust social institutions that uphold the values of justice, peace, and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG 16).

Additionally, the Petroleum Industry Act (PIA), which was passed by the National Assembly, changed the oil and gas industry in Nigeria. The PIA is anticipated to fortify the institutional structure, draw investment, and encourage accountability and transparency in the industry.

As the people's representatives in parliament, we spent a great deal of work making sure that our election laws was improved and changed in 2022 to allow for technological integrity of the voting process, which has decreased post-election turmoil.

The Federal Character Commission Act was passed by the Nigerian parliament in order to guarantee inclusion and improve diversity management. This law ensures that no one is left behind and reduces domination.

"Justice denied is often said to have been delayed. The Nigerian Criminal Justice Act has been improved and is still being amended to provide better access to justice and the prompt administration of justice.

The National Assembly has made a substantial legislative contribution to justice, peace, and robust institutions. But there's still work to be done," he stated.

The Deputy Speaker went on to say that while Nigeria has faced many difficulties recently, such as the insurgency in the Northeast, environmental degradation and underdevelopment in the Niger Delta, and agitations in the South East, proactive measures have been taken to address the issues, including the enactment of the Northeast and Niger Delta Development Commissions and other bills like the South East Development Commission, which is still a work in progress.

Kalu denounced the bloodshed in Sudan, where a lack of self-control and knowledge has resulted in the complete collapse of the country, and more recently, the preventable loss of life and property in Gaza, Israel, and the Ukraine. He asked world leaders to find solutions rather than assigning blame.

This is what we need to do. Furthermore, Kalu stated, "It is imperative to address the underlying causative factors of the recent coups in certain African countries, as they pose a threat to democracy in the continent."

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