Institute advocates for the enactment of NITI Bills

Institute advocates for the enactment of NITI Bills
The National Assembly must consider the NITI Bill as soon as possible, according to a request made by the Nigerian Institute of Translators and Interpreters (NITI) to the Federal Government.

The Nigerian Institute of Translation and Interpretation (NITI) is an accrediting body. Additionally, it just welcomed 60 new members to its profession.

Leveraging Translation to Improve the National Economy was the focus of Prof. AbdulRazzaq AbdulMajeed Alaro's speech at the Department of Islamic Law, Faculty of Law, University of Ilorin. He made the call in Abuja at the 19th Annual Conference.

According to The Guardian, the conference included experts from many states in the nation, including academics, media practitioners, university dons, professional translators, and other interested members of the public.

He stated: "I learned during the preparation of this article that the NITI Bill has been in the National Assembly for more than ten years. We need to move more decisively toward its enactment into law. Translation and interpreting services are subject to strict regulations in nations including Canada, the United States, and Germany.

For example, there is a distinction made in Germany between certified/professional translators and lay translators. When the chance arises, NITI may need to estimate the possible financial gains from providing translation and interpreting services to members of the National Assembly or other pertinent MDAs.

Perhaps this will inspire the National Assembly's members to take the necessary action. There are strong arguments for NITI to improve the ethics governing the profession, even though it has long been the organization that connects translators and interpreters. In the absence of regulations, it may be challenging to maintain the profession's honorable standing.

Many translators are currently attempting to translate from French into Nigerian local and English, according to remarks made by Mr. Adejoke Raji, the Disaster Risk Reduction officer of the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA).

According to him, Nigerians must embrace the idea of translating as a means of professional outreach.

For example, if your child were to inform you right now that I've been accepted to study language, would you feel like "language? How would you like to use it? But believe me, social linguistics, linguistic application, and translation have a lot to offer.

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