Kogi 2023: Smart Adeyemi attempts to repair damaged image but ends up committing political suicide, according to Okun natives

Kogi 2023: Smart Adeyemi attempts to repair damaged image but ends up committing political suicide, according to Okun natives
The residents of Kogi West have urged the senatorial district's well-intentioned sons and daughters to take another look at Senator Smart Adeyemi's recent actions and realize that he desperately needs their assistance to get over his fear of the unknown, which they claim has caused him to start displaying what they have called "severe signs of depression."

In a statement in response to Adeyemi's Channels TV appearance on Wednesday, the Kogi West leaders claimed that his statements lacked any sense whatsoever, especially when it came to a state "where he has absolutely no followership."

The statement, which was signed on behalf of more than 4,000 Okun natives in all wards by the Coordinator of the Kogi Collective Interest Group, Abdul-Ganiyu Yusuf, tasked Adeyemi, who served as the senatorial representative for Kogi West in the 9th Assembly, to visit his ward and show Nigerians how popular he is. It insisted that he would face jeers for performing poorly while in office.

High Chief Yusuf of Ife-Olukotun, Yagba East Local Government, claimed that Governor Yahaya Bello was responsible for "rushing him (Adeyemi) a third term," despite the fact that Kogi West residents were united in their desire to prevent the former senator from being elected to a third term.

Adeyemi's family was urged by the natives "not to watch him grieve alone as he has started showing dangerous signs of depression."

"How can a man in his right mind start frantically switching from one TV station to another to make baseless claims about a case that is already before the Supreme Court? His lawsuit was rejected by the High Court and the Court of Appeals. And anyone who was present in court on the day of the Supreme Court hearing is already aware of how seriously this man takes himself.

"He has no support whatsoever in his state or hometown. He is pleading with TV stations to have him on as if his life depended on it. Unfortunately, people from whom he is trying to solicit assistance are aware of his penchant for drinking palm wine and breaking kegs, as stated by his media colleagues.

"Serious politicians are on the field supporting one political party or the other and investing their time in worthwhile endeavors. He was a total failure, even as a senator. He is currently the lone orphan present. Therefore, rather than being enraged with a bewildered, battered, and expiring politician who, in an effort to salvage a sinking image, is unwittingly committing political suicide, one should understand his grief and honestly feel sorry for him.

"Please urge Smart Adeyemi to quit embarrassing himself on TV and go home to show Nigerians his fans. Intelligent serial betrayers and blackmailers cannot influence Nigeria's powerful politicians or our unflappable judges. They are able to identify them when they are there and decipher the symptoms of severe depression, they claimed.

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