Kogi guber: Kogi East closed down as locals arrive in their thousands to support Ododo and pledge to turn out in force for the APC

Kogi guber: Kogi East closed down as locals arrive in their thousands to support Ododo and pledge to turn out in force for the APC
At the Kogi East Senatorial District Rally in Anyigba on Saturday, from left to right are Shaibu Abubakar Audu, director general of the Kogi APC Governorship Campaign Council, Governor Yahaya Bello, Deputy Governorship Candidate Joel Oyibo, and Usman Ododo, a candidate for governor of Kogi State in the All Progressives Congress.

"No ethnic agenda in our dictionary," you say.

Refer to a historic rally as a "testing mic"

ethnic issues are buried in Kogi, according to Gov. Bello

The residents of Kogi East Senatorial District have pledged to strengthen the unity of the state by voting en masse for the All Progressives Congress in the state's governorship election on November 11 by turning out in large numbers in Anyigba on Saturday to show their strong support for the APC's governorship candidate, Usman Ododo.

Igala natives, particularly important members of the Social Democratic Party, Peoples Democratic Party, and African Democratic Congress who publicly switched to the ruling APC at the Kogi East Senatorial District Rally, as well as other illustrious Igala sons and daughters, claimed that the crowd on Saturday was the largest in Kogi East's electoral history.

They pledged to work tirelessly for the APC in the election to clear the way for the continuation of Governor Yahaya Bello's "detribalized and purposeful leadership," which they claimed had brought harmony and genuine development to all parts of the state, noting that the definition of patriotic citizens did not include the term "ethnic agenda."

The Kogi Agenda is the only agenda for the APC, according to Shaibu Abubakar Audu, Director General of the Kogi APC Governorship Campaign Council and Minister of Steel Development. He also stated that the party's candidate was coming to build and consolidate on the admirable legacies of Governor Yahaya Bello.

"The Kogi Agenda is the only agenda for the APC. The Party represents the interests of the entire nation. Alhaji Ahmed Usman Ododo has a plan for how the entire State will evolve. He will expand and strengthen Gov. Yahaya Bello's legacies.

"Today, Kogi is the most secure State in North Central Nigeria, and we are proud of that. The APC's agricultural revolution would give our thronging youths a ton of work. The APC is attempting to increase production of various agricultural products, especially in Kogi East.

"I implore you to back Alhaji Ododo and the APC. The success of Kogi State as it develops Ajaokuta Steel is important to President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, who designated me as Minister of Steel Development.

"This will make it possible to offer a significant number of employment to the young of our beloved State. He has requested that we not turn over the State to an opposition or hustler government. The President is worried about the State and has warned that we cannot afford to give the opposition control of a strategic State, the speaker remarked.

Abdullahi Bello, the chairman of the APC in Kogi State, expressed his happiness with the high participation and enthusiasm shown by the residents of Kogi East and asked them to keep up the momentum to ensure a landslide victory in the governorship election.

Senator Jibrin Echocho, who represents Kogi East in the National Assembly, also urged Kogi East residents who had not yet joined the APC to do so, pointing out that elections are won on the basis of party structures.

"Let me make a strong plea to our people to support the APC. Our candidate can find work. On the basis of Party structures, elections are won. In the general election, Kogi East voters chose the APC. In the upcoming election, we cannot afford to act differently.

"Governor Bello has established a strong basis for the development of human capital throughout the State. His accomplishments played a significant role in the election. Let's all work together to guarantee the APC's overall triumph, Echocho remarked.

Speaking to the crowd, Edward Onoja, the deputy governor of Kogi State, asked the people of Kogi East to vote on the basis of continuity and warned against sentiments, claiming that political parties, not tribes, religions, or regions, are the focus of elections.

Governor Yahaya Bello warned against ethnicity in his speech and emphasized that tribal politics were out of date in today's society.

Politics based on ethnicity is self-serving. The Igala agenda emphasizes wealth, growth, and the creation of jobs. Be not fooled. The APC will triumph handily. At the polls, we shall prevail. Alhaji Usman Ahmed Ododo is a gentlemanly individual with relevant experience in both politics and public service.

"When we took office, we found a state split along racial and other fault lines. All those fault lines have been successfully cemented. The discussion of ethnicity is passé today. Mediocrity and ethnicity have been replaced by fairness, equity, and justice.

"We have raised women and children from all backgrounds. We have created and dispersed initiatives, infrastructure, and empowerment everywhere. We cannot afford to return to our gloomy past when the State has made so many strides.

The APC Governorship Candidate, Ododo, addressed the record-breaking crowd and stated that his goals were to advance the people, the State's progress, and its togetherness.

"Let me make a plea to the Kogi East population. Let's create a stronger, more cohesive Kogi State that we can all be proud of. Let's make this election about our people, their growth, our unity, and their prosperity. I'm ready to be a servant leader with no obstacles, I fervently appeal," he stated.

The APC candidate for governor congratulated Governor Bello for his remarkable accomplishments and pledged to continue the legacies.

He notably complimented President Tinubu for his exceptional leadership and commitment to the growth and development of Kogi State and Nigeria in general, while warning the Igala people against engaging in ethnic and minority politics.

The official welcoming of decampees from the PDP, SDP, and other political parties to the APC was one of the rally's highlights.

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