Kwankwaso gifts a home, a mosque, and a community center in honor of his 67th birthday.

Kwankwaso gifts a home, a mosque, and a community center in honor of his 67th birthday.
Rabi'u Musa Kwankwaso, the New Nigeria Peoples Party's (NNPP) candidate for president in the general elections of 2023, willed his home, mosque, and recently built Quranic center to charity on Saturday.

The former senator for Kano Central made the unusual gesture as a part of the charitable events planned to honor his 67th birthday.

At the dedication of the Majidadi Institute for Qur'anic Research and Advancement, a facility named after his late father, Kwankwaso noted that the institution was created to further both Quranic and conventional knowledge as part of his core life principles.

When he passes away, the Kwankwasiyya foundation will have the freedom to decide what happens to his home, mosque, and center bearing his father's name, according to Kwankwaso.

We want to teach kids how to memorize the holy Quran and instill the traditional educational system, he said. We are developing a curriculum for eight-year programs that will serve students between the ages of five and fifteen.

We expect that students who complete their training here and receive diploma certificates will be accepted to pursue higher degrees. We anticipate that this group of students will be used to staff important government initiatives once their education is successfully completed.

Kwankwaso also took use of the occasion to emphasize some of his accomplishments while serving as governor, particularly those related to the eradication of street begging and the advancement of education.

He bemoaned how his plans to build 44 almajiri schools and 44 technical institutes were abandoned by the previous administration. Governor Abbas Kabir Yusuf was praised by Kwankwaso for maintaining his policies.

Governor Yusuf promised to organize contractors to complete all 44 almajiri centers and technical institutes that the previous administration had left unfinished.

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