Lawal, the governor of Zamfara, accused Matawalle of stealing money for an airport project.

Lawal, the governor of Zamfara, accused Matawalle of stealing money for an airport project.
The current governor of Zamfara, Dauda Lawal, has charged Bello Matawalle's previous administration with stealing billions of naira from the project to build an airport there, which was later shelved.

In a statement, Lawal's spokesperson, Sulaiman Idris, said that the new administration was astonished to learn that the abandoned Zamfara Cargo Airport project had been seriously mismanaged financially by the previous administration.

A questionable transaction of N6,775,949,561.50 for a failed cargo airport project in Gusau was allegedly made by Matawalle's administration.

The spokesperson promised that the Lawal administration would hold individuals accountable for financial irresponsibility accountable.

"Upon taking office, Governor Dauda Lawal established a five-member committee for that task and to further review among other things pre-contract activities in order to determine the progress of work done and the corresponding value to monies paid to contractors directed for the assessment and identification of the best approach to timely completion of the project."

He clarified that Avic International Engineering Limited offered engineering and architectural designs, as was revealed in the committee's findings.

According to the investigation, the contractors created contract bills of quantities without consulting the appropriate government departments that would have reviewed the designs, specifications, and bills. Contrarily, when the contract was awarded, there were no contract documents available.

According to contract notifications No. FGPC/SEC/NOT/2019/055 dated May 15th, 2019, Avic International Engineering Limited was given the contract for the total amount of N11,551,899,123.00 alone. The committee also discovered that the project's preliminary clearances from the key aviation industry regulatory authorities were not secured prior to the start of work on it.

"Only after work had started on the site was a consultant, BJ Aerotronic Limited, hired to take responsibility of the project and gain the necessary clearances from the relevant regulatory organizations. Payments to the contractors were made without value or necessary certification from the relevant government agencies.

He claimed that there are inconsistencies between the contract's Bills of Quantities and the technical, architectural, and specification documents.

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