Nigeria needs your wealth of experience and expertise, the minister of defense told retiring officers.

Nigeria needs your wealth of experience and expertise, the minister of defense told retiring officers.
Nigeria still requires the knowledge and depth of experience that former military officers bring to bear on addressing the country's security issues, according to State Minister of Defense Bello Matawalle.

Matawalle made these remarks on Saturday in Abuja during a luncheon hosted by the Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA) 38 Regular Course Welfare Association in honor of Chief of Defence Staff (CDS), Gen. Christopher Musa.

He remarked that even as they entered a new stage of their lives, the experience they had accumulated as military leaders over the years would be useful.

He continued by saying that the country required them to apply their knowledge and experience as professionals and experts to provide solutions to the numerous problems facing the nation.

He states that it is anticipated that they will now have more time to reflect and come up with solutions to solve the issues without any obstacles.

"I urge you to periodically critically think about the problems facing the nation in an effort to come up with practical solutions.

"I want to reassure you that the Ministry of Defence is always prepared to welcome you as a group of knowledgeable thinkers to discuss matters related to national security and defense.

"We will make sure your retirement is enjoyable and we will continue to take your welfare as priority at the Ministry of Defence, especially in light of the immense training and experience of these eminent gentlemen and highly exposed security professionals," he said.

The minister stated that everyone had a shared obligation to advance the country and that God had already bestowed upon Nigeria a large number of very gifted military officers.

He expressed his gratitude to the association for honoring one of its members who was named chief of defense and for their ongoing commitment to the welfare of both members and society at large.

Gen. Musa, the CDS, expressed gratitude to the association for their celebration, honoring him, and steadfast support in ensuring his success as the head of defense.

According to Musa, the occasion also represented the nation's armed forces' combined accomplishments and sacrifices made possible by the steadfast commitment of the courageous men and women in uniform who had been able to preserve Nigeria's peace and unity.

He asserts that the professionalism and selflessness of these individuals form the foundation of our defense forces today.

He claimed that in order to solve the intricate problems that Mation was currently facing, cooperation with its allies had become essential.

The CDS claimed that their military collaboration, intelligence sharing, and training had been crucial in bolstering the nation's defense and improving the military's capabilities in Nigeria.

"Despite several challenges to security and stability, our country has prevailed because of our solidarity and tenacity.

"The support of the Nigerian people and the passion and dedication of our armed forces have been vital in ensuring the strength and security of our nation.

"I want to sincerely thank the people of Nigeria for their steadfast support and faith in our armed forces.

"You never cease to inspire us with your faith in our abilities and your appreciation of the contributions made by our men and women in uniform," he added.

The CDS stated that the 38RC Welfare Association's efforts had remained dedicated to the welfare and well-being of society, and that these kinds of programs had continued to be essential in building a solid bridge between the civilian and military communities.

He noted that the group had impacted the lives of several service members and their families with their kindness and compassion.

Maj.-Gen. Solomon Uduonwa, President of the RC38 Welfare Association, stated that the occasion was planned to commemorate their military career, which commenced on September 21, 1986.

He claims that during that voyage, former cadets have become outstanding generals, business captains, leading politicians, and well-known traditional leaders.

He characterized the CDS as a distinguished general who had served in every capacity possible as a staff, commander, and instructor and who had never ceased to inspire pride in the United States as a military leader.

As part of our 37th anniversary, we are here tonight to pay tribute to our own Chief of Defense Staff (CDS), one of our most outstanding generals from our 38 regular course who was appointed on June 19 to defend our nation's Armed Forces.

Over the course of the last 37 years, we have grown to have very close friendships with General Musa.

He was regarded as a pioneer and the first among equals in our course at the Nigerian Defence Academy.

He amazed many of us with his athletic prowess. In football, he was a very productive striker. In addition, he played basketball. It has been reported that in addition to volleyball, he also played hockey.

Thus, it should come as no surprise that the President, acting in his capacity as Commander in Chief, selected him to head our armed forces during this extremely trying period.

"We are here to honor a distinguished gentleman who has served his country and its armed forces to the fullest extent possible while still having much to offer," he added.

According to Uduonwa, 38RC has lost 34 of its original members who embarked on the journey 37 years ago. The most recent loss was the late Bernard Onyeuko, a retired Major General and former Director of Defence Media Operations, who passed away in August.

According to the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), the association has named the CDS and his spouse, Mrs. Oghogho Musa, as its patrons.

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