Obaseki: I Foresaw the Difficulties of Today But Was Ignored

Obaseki: I Foresaw the Difficulties of Today But Was Ignored
The governor of Edo State, Godwin Obaseki, claims he warned the federal government of the country's current hardships but was disregarded.

Obaseki, who spoke to journalists in Benin, the state capital, however, attributed the nation's current socioeconomic problems to the leaders' subpar leadership choices.

He claimed, "As an investment banker, I predicted the misery we are currently experiencing as a result of the poor economic decisions made by national leaders. I repeatedly called attention to the necessity for corrective action, yet it went unheeded.

As governor, he acknowledged that Nigerians were going through extremely trying times and urged them to remain strong and never give up.

"As Governor, I am aware of the misery that the entire nation is experiencing. I am aware of how the economy functions and foresaw this beforehand. Since I was elected governor, I have been yelling that the direction we are heading in and the choices many of us legislators were making will result in hardship.

"Nigeria has never previously been this way. Nigeria was endowed by God in benevolence unlike any other nation in the world. How many African nations have 100 million citizens, let alone 200 million? We were created by God to be the largest market in Africa. God gave us all, and the issue our country is currently facing was started by us, especially our leaders.

"Being a leader is not about how much you can get for yourself. Today's Nigerians are suffering as a result of poor leadership. Nigeria has abundant natural resources, so it has no business being a country of poverty and suffering. Why aren't we doing it, he questioned, when we can grow and create everything we need to consume in Nigeria.

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