Ombugadu and Umaru denounce the brutal killings of a doctor and two farmers by bandits in Nasarawa.

Ombugadu and Umaru denounce the brutal killings of a doctor and two farmers by bandits in Nasarawa.
on the state, suspected bandits have brutally murdered no less than three people and badly injured ten others on their farms in two different sites.

Dr. Stephen Angbas, a physician and owner of the Angbas Clinic in Lafia, was reportedly attacked with a cutlass by suspected bandits as he rode a motorcycle to his property in the Awe Local Government.

Dr. David Ombugadu expressed concern over the senseless murder and called it reckless and worrying because farmers and state residents continue to be killed or abducted in their homes and farms.

In a statement made accessible to The Guardian in Lafia, Dr. Mike Omeri, the leader of Ombugadu's campaign media group, announced this.

In the statement, Dr. Ombugadu bemoaned the brutal killings and kidnappings that have recently ravaged and crept into every crevice of the state, stating that the state has unabatedly turned into a killing field for the adversaries.

"It is distressing and frightening to learn that gunmen are randomly murdering farmers in our state in their fields. This cannot be tolerated. The security must make every effort to track down those responsible for this heinous conduct.

But he offered condolences to the victims' families and begged that God would accept their souls.

Jeremiah Umaru, a member of the House of Representatives who represents Akwanga, Wamba, and Nasarawa Eggon Constituency, has also voiced alarm over the rise in kidnapping incidents in Nasarawa State.

During Thursday's plenary, Umaru expressed concern over the state's security condition.

He bemoaned the state's progressive transformation into a refuge for armed criminals and kidnappers and pleaded for immediate action to address the issue.

He claims that the circumstance poses a serious risk to the security of state inhabitants.

Umaru attributed the unrest in Nasarawa to the widespread infiltration of criminals from nearby states, emphasizing that if the issue is not addressed, it will have disastrous economic repercussions for the state and Nigeria as a whole.

The House of Representatives encouraged the Federal Government to create permanent security formations in its resolution to improve state security.

The committees on emergency and disaster preparedness, defense, army, air force, and police affairs were tasked with ensuring that the decision was followed.

The other two victims were identified as Emmanuel Ovey and Ovey Christopher, who were brutally murdered on their farms on Yelwa Idiya Road in the state's Doma Local Government Area by gunmen who have not yet been apprehended.

According to an eyewitness, the two boys were shot and killed by a suspected Fulani marauder while on their way to visit relatives who were being treated at a hospital in Doma after fighting with several Fulani herdsmen that left them with varying degrees of injury.

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