The Abuja Lions Club will provide FCT communities and schools with projects valued at over N158 million.

The Abuja Lions Club will provide FCT communities and schools with projects valued at over N158 million.
The Lions Club International, District 404-A2, Nigeria, Wuse, Abuja Lions, has announced plans to provide schools and communities in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Abuja, with humanitarian projects valued at approximately N158 million.

The Club's President, Lion Alh. Mohammed Abubakar, revealed this information during his inauguration as the group's 22nd leader. He stated that among the projects under consideration were cataract surgeries, free eye screenings, and the donation of food supplies and food items to orphanages and communities in the area.

According to Abubakar, the club's previous priorities included literacy, the environment, children cancer, diabetes, alleviating famine, and vision restoration.

The President claims that the Wuse Abuja Lions Club has also completed a number of humanitarian initiatives, such as the construction of a diabetic center at Gwarinpa General Hospital and the sponsorship of university-level visually impaired pupils.

In addition to the work being done by the Immediate Past President, Abubakar announced that his administration planned to build an eye clinic at an already-existing hospital in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) for N58,000,000, as well as equip and furnish the Wuse Abuja Lion's Club diabetic center in Life Camp, Gwarinpa, for N25,000,000.

He stated that additional projects to be carried out by the administration are: building an e-library within the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) for N30,000,000; donating desktop computers for N15,000,000; performing cataract surgeries and providing follow-up care for 50 individuals at N100,000 per - N5,000,000; drilling boreholes with water reticulation in 5 communities for N11,000,000; providing food for the hungry in various communities for N4,000,000; renovating the hostel at the Anawin Orphanage Home for N5,000,000; and empowering young people to work by hand and provide them with labor for N9,000,000.

In order to assist the administration thrive and fulfill its promises, Abubakar called on club members and kindhearted people for support, stating that "you don't need to be wealthy to give to others generously." Giving, in any amount, saves other people's lives.

Immediate Past President Lion Doo Kene Tsumba stated in her farewell speech that her administration initiated all project activities in five thematic areas with the goal of improving the lives of those it served. She also mentioned that the direction enabled the administration to evaluate and enhance the club's operations, guaranteeing that members were more productive, efficient, and receptive to community needs.

"During a youth empowerment event, we demonstrated how to make liquid soap to the Piwoye village. rendering them independent of the disinfectant.

As a club, we understand how critical it is to spread awareness of pediatric cancer, a condition that claims millions of lives annually. In order to inform our community about children cancer, early identification, prevention, and treatment, we planned World Cancer Day activities.

"We came together to show solidarity with parents of children with cancer by donating towards their treatment, and we also organized a Cancer Awareness Walk," she continued.

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