Tinubu guarantees rapid economic development and recovery.

Tinubu guarantees rapid economic development and recovery.
Despite the difficulties Nigerians are experiencing, President Bola Ahmed Tinubu has promised that the economy will soon recover and grow.

He promised unrestricted support for the Niger State Governor Mohammed Bago's Green Economy initiative, which aims to unlock the vast mineral resources throughout the State, while kicking off the two-day Green Economy Summit: "Sustainable Future: Harnessing Green Assets and Innovation for Niger State's Prosperity," organized by the Niger State Government in Minna.

Senator Abdullahi Sabi, the Minister of State for Solid Minerals, spoke on his behalf and revealed that the Federal Executive Council's (FEC) decision to approve the solid mineral development policy was consistent with the goal.

The strategy, according to the President, will be in line with the green economy that is intended for Niger State and prioritizes the elimination of all illicit activity that is endangering the environment.

He added that the goal of the policy is to establish a new principle of resource-use efficiency while enabling those who wish to operate legally in the mining industry to do so.

I want to reassure you that the President's commitment to enthronement of the green economy over the next couple of years would find favor with the green economy vision you have for Niger State, the speaker said.

"Finally, I want to reassure you that the President is fully aware of all the challenges brought on by some of the difficult decisions that must be made at this time. His charge is to simply ask for your prayers and understanding as we make this powerful sacrifice because the benefits of our sacrifice will be realized in a matter of minutes or hours.

"Very soon, we shall start to reap the benefits of these difficult decisions, as our economy will rebound and for us food security, which is his top priority, will also start to get the full attention it deserves," the statement continued.

Niger State Governor Mohammed Bago announced that his administration has "produced its first Green Economy Blueprint, a strategic document outlining a visionary roadmap that will shape our development choices and steer our actions, in alignment with the precepts of sustainability." Bago organized the first subnational Green Economy Summit.

"We are using this Summit to offer a draft to stakeholders for their assessment and feedback. Following that, it will be publicly released and used in the creation of our allocation requests for 2024 and beyond.

"This blueprint is a comprehensive manual that outlines our goals, plans, and initiatives in order to make our state a shining example of green prosperity that is socially and economically equitable, environmentally sustainable, and economically resilient.

It encompasses a variety of important industries, including renewable energy, infrastructure, transportation, agriculture, inclusion, and tourism. It lays out a comprehensive strategy for obtaining funding, transferring technology, growing capacity, and fostering strategic relationships in order to realize our purpose.

"This blueprint, taken as a whole, is more than just a document; it is a call to action for everyone. All parties involved, including the government, business sector, civil society, academic community, media, and our local communities, are urged to actively participate and work together. We must find and use creative ideas that are adapted to our particular context and requirements.

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