We'll give jobs to those who advocate "school is a scam," Minister

We'll give jobs to those who advocate "school is a scam," Minister
The Bola Tinubu administration's Renewed Hope Agenda, according to Yusuf Sununu, Minister of State for Education, will eradicate the erroneous narrative spread by some Nigerian youngsters that attending school is a hoax.

He claimed that by doing this, graduates will be guaranteed gainful employment rather than becoming the target of jeers due to their unemployment.

Speaking at the National Stakeholders' Workshop on the Development of a Roadmap for the Nigerian Education Sector (2023–2027) on Thursday in Abuja, Sununu argued that employing young people with formal education is the only way to stop the propagation of the ideology.

He bemoaned the fact that the relevance of the education sector has not yet been demonstrated through measurable outcomes that demonstrate that an educated person has a higher likelihood of leading a happy life.

Inadequate attention to the industry and incorrect conceptions of the relative relevance of the various kinds and types of education could be attributed to this gap between purpose and reality. Indeed, I must add that our youth's struggle to find employment after enduring the rigors of academics may be to blame for a slowly growing disinterest in pursuing education.

The Renewed Hope Agenda for the Education Sector is all about stopping this trend, making Nigerian education responsive to daily realities, and advantageous to both the person and the country, the Minister stated.

He urged participants to develop specific solutions that will aid in resolving the issues the industry is now facing.

Sununu further emphasized the significance of them being in line with the 23 deliverables outlined in the current administration's 8-Point Agenda and given to the Ministry.

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