We'll support ethical reporting and not stifle the press - FG

We'll support ethical reporting and not stifle the press - FG
President Bola Tinubu would continue to support ethical journalism and not censor the media in the nation.

This was disclosed by Muhammad Idris, Minister of Information and National Orientation, to State House Correspondents on Wednesday in Abuja.

He claimed that social media and a free and active media landscape were crucial to the success of the administration and the encouragement of nationalism and patriotism.

"Mr. President, everyone of us working in that field are dedicated to preserving journalistic freedom. Like I mentioned, such freedom entails responsibility. Numerous actions taken by some of these individuals on social media are likewise not particularly patriotic.

"You occasionally report news that is not accurate. However, I don't want a circumstance in which it appears that the government is attempting to silence the press. That needs to be emphasized, please.

"The administration is not attempting to silence the press. Whatever it takes to be responsible and accountable will be done by us. The best journalism is ethical journalism.

He declared, "The President cherishes the freedom of the press and will always engage it.

The minister declared that in order to accomplish its goals of inclusion and value reorientation, the administration would work to realign the nation's population.

"Mr. President has given me the go-ahead to ensure that Nigerians once again have faith in this nation. In order for Nigerians to have faith in their nation, we are developing a national discourse on orientation or reorientation.

"You understand that people don't even trust the leaders they choose. Flags are no longer flying. When you visit government facilities abroad, you won't even notice the flag that represents our shared existence fluttering in any of the buildings.

Idris stated that there are ongoing discussions about raising the living standards of journalists in the nation with regard to the welfare of media professionals in the nation, and he added that the President has been supportive of these discussions.

Idris remarked:It is being prepared. I spoke with Mr. President about that. He expects me to develop a strategy for that. We'll work on it, and once we get answers, you'll know for sure.

Because we value press freedom and will give precedence to anything that may advance it, the wellbeing of journalists will continue to be a top priority.

Idris stated that the government would also look into suggestions to purify the nation's media industry without burdening it in any way.

Well, that is being looked at, he continued. You are aware that the president supports press freedom. He supports the right to free speech, and he won't allow the media to be restrained in any way.

"He will work tirelessly to make sure that the already-free Nigerian press is even more free.

But as I've been emphasizing constantly, this freedom carries with it a great deal of responsibility.

"You can't just say what is wrong because you have press freedom," someone said.

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