You intended for my life to end," says Blackface in reference to his previous dispute with 2baba.


You intended for my life to end," says Blackface in reference to his previous dispute with 2baba.Former member of the disbanded Plantashun Boiz Ahmedu Augustine Obiabo, popularly known as Blackface, and 2Face, also known as 2baba, are at odds once again.

On The Honest Bunch Podcast, Blackface alleged that 2face had employed demonic methods to end his life and career.

He claimed to have heard 2baba's conversation with media personality Olisa Adibua, in which he explained the reasons why he broke up with Plantashun Boiz and 2baba.

He recalled how his mother thanked him for transporting 2baba from Benue to Lagos, but the same 2baba has since said that he is unable to speak about him.

"I was like, 2Face, where were you talking about me carrying you away?" When I brought you from Benue State, your mother told me to thank me because her son is now thinking like a normal person as a result of your friendship with him. You are now forbidden to discuss me? Why are you unable to discuss me? because you go where you are carried. You do juju for me, will you? You go do a fetish act for me? You want to put an end to my life?

When questioned about his friendship with his former bandmate Faze, he said they were "cool," but he claimed that 2baba was to blame for their animosity.

On the other side, he declared that he had already pardoned 2Face for everything that he had done to him, both knowingly and unknowingly, and he begged the singer of "African Queen" to do the same.

"Faze and I get along. I wonder whether 2face feels inferior to me.

"It's time to put the past behind us. I pardon 2face for everything he has deliberately and inadvertently done to me. Blackface added, "He should also find room to forgive me for anything I have done.

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