Advocates demand that menstruation health be covered in school curricula.

Advocates demand that menstruation health be covered in school curricula.In order to encourage cleanliness and lessen the stigma that girls experience, a coalition of non-governmental organizations in Bauchi State has urged for the inclusion of menstruation health in the secondary education curriculum.

In a campaign dubbed "Period Reality," the non-governmental organizations Kairos Initiative, Alwadata Initiative, ASHH Foundation, and Community Advocate for Rural Development (CARD) launched on Thursday felt that teaching young girls about menstruation, who may think it's ridiculous or taboo, would give them more confidence.

During her speech, Mrs. Winifred Yusuf stated that since biology is now an elective, students will have a deeper understanding of both men's and women's reproductive systems.

"In biology class, I learned about the human reproductive system, but menstruation hygiene was not covered. We must enhance the curriculum. Beyond amoebas, spirogyra, lizards, and everything else we were taught, things have advanced.

We learned via our advocacy and education activities that some women and girls are unaware of the need of menstruation hygiene. When a female is grown enough to have sex, according to the boy we interviewed about his knowledge of the menstrual cycle. This demonstrates the need of educating kids from an early age. Even nine-year-old girls who have not yet begun menstruation are receiving our education.

According to the alliance, the development of reusable pads for women and girls was informed by the nation's current economic situation. The NGOs claim that the sanitary pad is designed to last for at least two years. "The expense of disposable ones would be decreased by the sanitary pad. We discovered that a pad pack may cost anywhere from N700 to N1,000. This adds up to a significant amount of money when multiplied by the number of years until a girl becomes a lady.

Additionally, girls were urged to speak out against violence and stigmatization against them by Dr. Moji Iheme, Team Lead of the Kairos Initiative. Menstruation shouldn't be viewed as strange in the community, according to her.


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