Ahead of the Bayelsa governorship election, police in Nembe Town use tear gas on female protestors.

Ahead of the Bayelsa governorship election, police in Nembe Town use tear gas on female protestors.
Ahead of this Saturday's state gubernatorial election, female demonstrators in Nembe town have reportedly been exposed to tear gas by the police during their protest earlier today. They have accused the Bayelsa Police Commissioner of bias.

State election observers have vehemently denounced the use of force on women and emphasized the importance of a peaceful voting process.

Witnesses at the site stated that the police used tear gas and physically separated the women who had gathered to express their concerns over the Bayelsa Police Commissioner's apparent bias. Many of the demonstrators carried signs and shouted slogans, accusing the commissioner of showing partiality. They demanded an impartial and open election process.

Numerous sources have criticized the Bayelsa Police Commissioner for the way he handled security-related issues leading up to the election. The female demonstrators claimed that the commissioner's actions were driven by politics and intended to tip the scales in favor of the All Progress Congress candidate in the gubernatorial contest.

Election observers, both domestic and foreign, have sharply denounced the deployment of tear gas on demonstrators who were acting peacefully, highlighting the significance of maintaining democratic principles and enabling people to voice their ideas without fear of retaliation.

Human rights organizations and civil society organizations have also demanded that the incident be looked into straight away and that those in charge of the use of force against the ladies be held accountable by the government. They contend that such acts damage the legitimacy of the electoral process in addition to violating the right to peaceful assembly.

In the run-up to the gubernatorial election, political tension in Bayelsa State has been rising as different parties and candidates compete for support. As the state gets ready for the important election on Saturday, the use of force against peaceful protestors raises even more concerns.

Regarding the event, an official comment from the Bayelsa State Police Department is still pending. Stakeholders are keeping a careful eye on the scenario to observe how the authorities handle the accusations of bias and using force on the female protestors.

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