Bayelsa: Voting in Yenegoa and early delivery of electoral materials


Bayelsa: Voting in Yenegoa and early delivery of electoral materialsIn several Polling Units in Ward 5, Yenegoa Local Government Area, voting in the ongoing Bayelsa governorship election began early due to the early arrival of election officials.

Although few voters showed up early for the poll, according to the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), everything was under control when officials took control of the proceedings.

With 1,067 electoral officials at PU 11 Fanwa Ekenu Square, Ward 5 Epie II, Yenegoa, set up was finished by 8.29 am, and security staff was on site

Similarly, as NAN was watching the proceedings, the Presiding Officers at PU 27 Yenizue Gene market, ward 5 (Epie II), Yenegoa, were waiting for voters.

Voters were waiting in line to cast ballots at PU 011, Ward 5 Apie II, Yenegoa, where there were 1,430 registered voters. The election officers had already set up by 8.35 am.

Everything was in order, according to the presiding officer, Mr. Awulonu David, and all of the necessary election documents were there.

With 40 registered voters in ward 5 (Epie II) of PU 27 Gene market, the electoral officers had completed setting up and were waiting for voters to start the activity at 8:58.

Additionally, there were security guards at the polling place.

In a similar vein, at PU 008, Kpansia Sisibi Primary School, Epie III, Yenegoa LGA, where 750 voters had registered, election workers had completed setting up by 9:28 am; however, voting was not started because the bags containing the election materials were missing their ink.

As of 9.28 a.m., voters and INEC election officers were still awaiting the ink.

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