China: 'Will not fight' any war with any country: Xi

China: 'Will not fight' any war with any country: Xi
Following a crucial meeting with US President Joe Biden on Wednesday, Chinese President Xi Jinping declared that his country would never start a military fight with another country.

"China will not fight a cold or hot war with any country, and does not seek spheres of influence," he declared to an assembly of business executives in San Francisco.

He stated that the US-led global system has benefited China, the second-biggest economy in the world, and that positive ties between the two nations were essential to both parties.

"I think that the door to China-US relations will not be closed again once it is opened," he remarked.

At their meeting in California, Biden and Xi decided to strengthen their direct communication lines and revitalize a relationship that had been struggling in recent years.

Xi informed his US guests that China did not seek conflict with anyone and stated that his country wished to keep strengthening its ties with Washington.

"Without a peaceful and stable international environment, the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation cannot be achieved," Xi stated.

"In our pursuit of modernization, we will never turn back to the tried-and-true methods of colonization, warfare, pillage, or coercion.

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