Demanding justice for Khadijat, who was allegedly killed by thugs in Kogi, female activists stage protests in Abuja.

Demanding justice for Khadijat, who was allegedly killed by thugs in Kogi, female activists stage protests in Abuja.
Accuse authorities of being silent because the victim did not come from a powerful family

Demand that President Tinubu step in and bring the dead woman's case to justice.

Request that security personnel apprehend and convict anyone connected to the horrific murder as soon as possible.

Hundreds of female activists from all across Nigeria gathered in Abuja on Tuesday to call for the prosecution of a woman who was slain by thugs purportedly employed by the Kogi State branch of the Social Democratic Party.

The activists, who unify various women's groups under one banner, claimed that the brutal murder of Khadijat Yahaya, a supporter of the All Progressives Congress, in the Kotonkarfe area of Kogi State approximately two months ago, may have gone unreported because she didn't come from a powerful family.

Women Standing Together co-convener Barr. Pereagbe Enagonimi Ekpede spoke to the media following the protest and said that, two months after the tragic incident, Khadijat's killers were still at large and that no progress had been made in terms of a police investigation or the arrest of those responsible.

The ladies pleaded with President Bola Tinubu and Inspector-General of Police Kayode Egbetokun to personally intervene in order to secure justice for the late Khadijat, arguing that a harm to one woman was an injury to all of them.

To us, justice is the apprehension, prosecution, and appropriate sentencing of her killer.  The campaigners declared that everyone connected to her killer, regardless of social standing, needs to be brought in for interrogation in order to apprehend the primary offenders.

They carried signs that read, among other things, "women's lives matter: justice for Khadijat," "arrest Khadijat's killers now," "Khadijat's killers still walking free," "Police must act now," and "Khadijat cannot be wasted just like that."

Speaking to the media, the co-convener said, "With heavy hearts, I welcome you all to this peaceful demonstration in support of our late sister, Khadijat Yahaya, who was brutally killed by political miscreants in Kogi State approximately two months ago.

"Any harm done to a single woman anywhere in this nation affects us all because we never know who will be the next casualty. Consequently, regardless of tribe, creed, or political position, we must stand up for one another. We are Women Standing Together for that reason. We have spent nearly 20 years fighting for women's rights, and we will only get stronger in this endeavor.

"This protest is required because, approximately two months after this defenseless woman was shot and killed by armed thugs who were purportedly or possibly identified as thugs in the Kogi State SDP candidate, Mr. Muritala Ajaka's convoy, the assassins are still at large, free of charge, acting as though the woman had just been killed, like a goat.

"We cannot live in a society in which anyone kills another person without facing any repercussions. I have several years of experience as an activist and lawyer. Our statute books contain rules prohibiting violence and murder, along with explicit punishments for those offenses. 

Even against domestic violence, there are laws in place. The days of women having to suffer and die in quiet are long gone. We are protected by legislation. To make sure that we keep fighting for and shielding one another, though, we must unite. We are the country's mothers.  We ought to be valued, safeguarded, and appreciated.

More upsetting is the information that the Kogi State Police Command invited Mr. Ajaka to address this issue, but he hasn't done so to date. As a result, police authorities don't feel compelled to take any action due to political correctness. This is the result of political correctness.

"We recognize that during election season, the Police may be reluctant to act in a way that could be interpreted as politically incorrect, but when lives are at stake, political correctness ought to come second."

According to the late journalistic maestro Mr. Dele Giwa, one life taken unfairly is equivalent to a million lives lost in a pogrom. We concur with that argument and now request that Mr. Kayode Egbetokun, the Inspector-General of Police, personally step in to bring our sister's murderer's case to justice.

To us, justice is the apprehension, prosecution, and appropriate sentencing of her killer.  No matter how powerful they are, everyone connected to her killer needs to be hauled in for interrogation in order to identify and apprehend the primary offenders.

"We want to be very explicit and loud about the fact that we will not give up until justice is done in this case. Nigerian national Khadijat was. Her three little children. It is not acceptable to let her die in any way without someone having to pay for the crime. What would have occurred if she had been a powerful Nigerian woman's daughter? Some suspects would have been taken into custody and charged by now.

"Now that we think about it, we are discussing human life, which once taken, cannot be recovered or restored.

As a father and grandpa, we implore President Bola Ahmed Tinubu to speak out in this regard and assist us in securing justice for Khadijat. Women's lives are important.

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