During a nighttime raid, Kaduna Electric captures a suspected energy thief.

During a nighttime raid, Kaduna Electric captures a suspected energy thief.In a major move against energy theft, Kaduna Electric announced that it launched a night raid on Nov. 24 that resulted in the arrest of a suspected thief.

One Opafola Abiodun of No. 18 Mopa Road, Kaduna, is said to have been caught in the act.

This was said in a statement released on Thursday and signed by Abdulaziz Abdullahi, the company's head of corporate communications.

According to the allegations, Abiodun was captured in an exterior by-pass on meter number 04190482713 and had been using the 11KV Leventis Feeder for energy.

As per Mr. U.A. Gumel, Head of Unit, Non-MD Metering, Opafola was charged ₦104,823 after being removed from the power supply on September 28.

According to Gumel, the booking letter, which Abubakar duly accepted on November 29 with GSM: 07056646853, acts as a formal document verifying the charges.

Gumel further noted that Abiodun resorted to illicit reconnection, especially at night and in the evening, rather than paying the outstanding sum.

On November 24, he was discovered red-handed by surveillance staff during a normal monitoring operation. Prompt action was taken, the incident was reported to the police, and he was put into custody.

"Kaduna Electric's security team is now handling the matter and getting ready to prosecute.

"A second charge of ₦92,774.39 has been booked against the accused in response to the repeated offenses.

The incident, according to the statement, demonstrated Kaduna Electric's persistent commitment to stopping illicit activity inside its service area and making sure that all customers receive electricity in a fair and legal manner.


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