Economic adviser: Tinubu will shock currency speculators.

Economic adviser: Tinubu will shock currency speculators.Tope Fasua, the President's Special Advisor on Economic Matters, said that President Bola Ahmed Tinubu would surprise currency speculators.

At the ceremony, Fasua—who was representing Vice President Kashim Shettima—warned Nigerians who are stockpiling foreign currencies in the hopes that the country's currency would appreciate further that the government's policies will shock them.

Fasua stated: "I think that the policies being pushed out by the central bank and the government that I serve, led by the President, would shock some of those who are gambling, praying, and hoping that the currency would become gibberish.

"You must pay attention to Tinubu's objective and the guy himself. You will discover that his level of thinking is significantly higher than that of the majority of us.

He's coming up with some really amazing ideas, you know. He has challenged us to look ahead at many of the targets, like the notion that Nigeria's GDP will reach a trillion dollars. Some of them are what you have witnessed reversing the decline in the value of the naira. His goal is to accomplish it by 2026.

A few individuals believed that the value of the naira would keep declining. Naturally, it is obviously evident what is happening, and who knows? even the naira will appreciate considerably more, even to a level of 500 or 600. I'm starting to notice a few of those.

He stated that in order to strengthen and stabilize the naira, there would be a seismic restructuring of the banking industry.

"You need to be strategic when positioning your exports, even when it comes to the value of your currency. You will therefore witness all of things, including financial attempts.

Right now, patriots are in charge of the economy. And doubters need to be terrified beyond belief.


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