Experts say the Ayoba Accelerator Program is a useful instrument for enhancing SMEs in Nigeria.


Experts say the Ayoba Accelerator Program is a useful instrument for enhancing SMEs in Nigeria.The Ayoba accelerator program has been characterized by business sector experts as a feasible instrument that will contribute to the expansion of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) inside the nation.

During the SME activation session held by Ayoba in collaboration with Adanian Labs, a joint venture, experts took turns sharing their perspectives on the growth of SMEs. They recognized the new technology as a key to shifting the narrative within the business community.

Killian Mayua, Country Head of Adanian Labs Nigeria, stated that Ayoba Drive would give companies a platform to expand and a chance to use technology to their advantage.

"We collaborated with Ayoba on the Nigerian Ayoba Accelerator Program 2023. Over a thousand people applied for the process, which began a few months ago.

"The primary goal of this accelerator is to give small businesses a platform to grow by enabling them to take advantage of technology, particularly the Ayoba marketplace and technology, to expand their customer base, increase revenue, and grow."

"We'll keep delving deeply into their companies and offering all the assistance we can." They will learn a lot about using technology, particularly the Ayoba platform, to expand their enterprises over the course of these three months. In addition to mentors from various fields related to SME growth joining us, some of these areas will involve platform knowledge. These mentors will be selected from among our important partners, which include MTN, fidelity bank, Zenith bank, certain technology platforms, and SME-focused microfinance organizations.

Segun Adewumi, Head of Operations at Zenith Bank, stated in his remarks that the expansion of SMEs need particular attention.

"As Zenith Bank, we have focused on SMEs after examining the environment and realizing that this is the direction of things. For SME, we provide around three products. "SME Grow My Business" is available.

We feel that we shouldn't eliminate that middle line of business because we have a number of friendly ones. In order to enable the environment for SMEs, we have established a support business.

Ifeoma Anselem, the creator of Raze Clothing, advocated for outside pressure on both public and commercial entities.

According to her, businesses want strategies that will increase their awareness and provide SME tools and company growth.

"Every SME needs the external push right now, both from private and government bodies," stated Anselem. I'm glad Ayoba and Adanian Labs took the initiative to provide us with this assistance.

"I would want to express my gratitude to all of our partners, including Ayoba, Adanian Labs, MTN, Zenith Bank, and others. We hope that this initiative will continue for other SMEs in order to improve the economy and not end with us.

The partner for the Ayoba SME Accelerator program, Adanian Labs Nigeria, has Flora Anaba as its Growth and Operations Manager. According to her, the project presents SMEs with a feasible means or chance to grow their business and achieve sustainability through the public goods and services they provide.

"They would be able to learn different digitalization tools and digitize their business, which is core and very important for new businesses. The Ayoba SME accelerator program is about to help businesses understand what kind of digital tools they can use to scale their products into the marketplace."

"All of the chosen SMEs and newcomers have the chance to connect with the enormous consumer base that already exists on the Ayoba app, which undoubtedly provides them with significant economic inclusion for their enterprise. It increases its sustainability, aids in wealth generation, and enables them to expand and establish themselves as leaders among other SMEs.

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