Group claims that ongoing NLC strike action in Imo is a plan to sabotage the guber poll.

Group claims that ongoing NLC strike action in Imo is a plan to sabotage the guber poll.
The Nigerian Labour Congress, or NLC, is now engaged in industrial action in Imo State. A group called the Imo Patriots' League has branded this as a plot to sabotage the state's upcoming governorship election on Saturday.

The group also charged Comrade Joe Ajaero, the President of the NLC, with organizing the strike action in order to further his own agenda.

The group's convener, Onwuasoanya FCC Jones, stated during a news conference on Wednesday in Owerri that the state had lost more than 500 billion Naira since Ajaero allegedly ordered the state's electricity supply to be switched off last week.

In an effort to persuade Ajaero, "the National Executive Committee of the Nigerian Labour Congress, the Trade Union Congress, and all their affiliate unions to reconsider this ill-conceived industrial action, which is steadily eroding the integrity and popularity of the NLC," Onwuasoanya made a call to all relevant parties in the nation.

"We invite relevant stakeholders to join in prevailing on Comrade Joe Ajaero to put his personal interests aside, put Imo and the people's interest ahead and allow peace to reign," he said. "The Federal Government, civil society organizations, and the international community are put on notice, to hold Comrade Joe Ajaero responsible should this election be derailed in any form."

"The Imo State off-season governorship election is scheduled to take place this Saturday, November 11, 2023, as you are aware," he stated. But since it seems that the people of Imo State have made up their minds about who they want to elect governor in the upcoming election, we have invited you to be aware of some cunning plans by anti-democratic forces to sabotage the democratic process of electioneering. Comrade Joe Ajaero, President of the Nigerian Labour Congress, is allegedly advancing a personal agenda to either give his preferred candidates an unfair advantage or to completely sabotage the election.

Elections, as you are all aware, are a fundamental component of democracy, granting the people the authority to choose the leader who has best persuaded them of his or her plans to improve, thrive, and ensure their safety. The Imo Patriots' League feels that in a climate free from animosity and violence, the people ought to be able to choose their leaders without being threatened or harassed.

"Comrade Joe Ajaero, an Imo son, could bring himself to derail the governorship election because of his personal political agenda, which is essentially vindictive and selfish," he stated. "We find that reprehensible."

"We would have expected that the NLC President would use democratic methods to campaign for his candidate instead of abusing his office and abusing the labor force to intimidate and harass common Imolites as a means of blackmailing the State government. He has not disguised his partisanship, especially with regard to the impending Imo State governorship election.

Imo State has lost more than 500 billion Naira in the past seven days as a result of Comrade Joe Ajaero's blackout of the Imo people. Due to the high cost of operating a business, small business owners are closing their doors quickly, hotel owners are being suppressed, students are desperately looking for light so they can study their books, and civil servants' basic budgets are being strained because they are unable to preserve food. The current Ajaero-imposed blackout on our beloved State has a negative impact on every single area of Imo State. We then inquire, "Is the Labour Union currently supporting or opposing the people?"

Ajaero's appeal for strike action has been blatantly ignored by the vast majority of Imo workers, suggesting that the current industrial action is unpopular with them. Because they do not believe there is a valid cause for a protest against the State administration, individuals are going about their daily lives and reporting to work in various ministries, schools, and agencies. There is not a single indication that the NLC's order for a complete shutdown of the State is being followed, with the exception of the devastating power outage that was carried out at Joe Ajaero's whim by his acolytes at the Transmission Company of Nigeria. This is unequivocal proof that Ajaero is by himself.

Defending the greater welfare of the masses is the primary duty of a labor organization and, consequently, of a Labour leader. Unfortunately, we are witnessing a new side of labor unionism under the leadership of Joe Ajaero, one that puts the interests of individuals and political cliques ahead of the interests of the general populace. He continued

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