Hajj: FAAN should offer facilities at departure centers, according to NAHCON

Hajj: FAAN should offer facilities at departure centers, according to NAHCON
[FILES] At the beginning of the yearly Muslim Hajj pilgrimage, on July 29, 2020, pilgrims circle the Kaaba, the holiest site in Islam, which is located in the middle of the Grand Mosque in the sacred city of Mecca. (AFP / STR)Br />

The Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN) has been encouraged to provide navigational aids and amenities at Hajj departure points throughout the nation by the National Hajj Commission of Nigeria (NAHCON).

The call was made by Jalal Arabi, the acting chairman of the commission, while he was hosting members of the FAAN Hajj Committee, according to a statement from Malam Mousa Ubandawaki, deputy director of information and publications at NAHCON.

Arabi stated that a smooth journey for the pilgrims arriving in Saudi Arabia in 2023 will be made possible by the provision of the required navigational tools and facilities at the hajj departure centers.

"You are a very strong partner for the Hajj pilgrimage. Even if there are some restrictions when it comes to hajj travel, we nevertheless want you to inform us about the condition of the many airports that pilgrims use to travel.

"The committee needs to be mindful of time, as they will have a restricted amount of time to complete their tasks, in accordance with Saudi Arabia's deadline for all countries to finalize their Hajj plans."

FAAN started preparing for the 2024 hajj almost two months ago, according to Capt. Mukhtar Muye, the delegation's leader and director of airport operations.

He claims that this is being done to ensure a flawless Hajj experience.

He gave his word that the drill would be finished ahead of the start of the pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia from the 16 airports around the nation.

However, Muye pleaded with the commission to convince the tour operator businesses to adhere to the plans for their pilgrims' transportation through the international terminals rather than the Hajj terminal.

He claims that this may prevent the government from receiving important funds that they are need to raise in order to fund the essential airport infrastructure.

He gave the commission assurances of the authority's pledge to carry out its responsibilities with diligence in order to ensure a trouble-free exercise for Nigerian pilgrims.

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