In Enugu, police apprehend 53 individuals and seize weapons and ammunition.

In Enugu, police apprehend 53 individuals and seize weapons and ammunition.
53 individuals have been detained by Enugu State police, and weapons and ammunition have been found.

The suspects were found to have 28 different caliber weapons, 30 live rounds, 66 live cartridges, 25 cars, and 16 motorcycles.

Five kidnap victims were also freed, according to Commissioner of Police Mr. Kanayo Uzuegbu, who paraded the culprits on Tuesday in Enugu.

It is documented that kidnapping incidents have significantly decreased, especially on busy and occasionally difficult highways like Opi-Nsukka and Ozalla-Udi Roads.

"Unfortunately, reports on social media have recently led us to learn that kidnapping rates in the state are still rather high.

It's interesting to note that careful examination of the reports revealed the majority were baseless and unnecessary.

"We discovered that those peddling the claims were greatly inflating the number of carjacking and kidnapping incidents that occur at night; the majority of these incidents are not recent.

"They were acting in this way to create the appearance that the incidents were recent and caused concern," he claimed.

According to the commissioner, police had discovered that members of hidden cults were primarily responsible for some of the illegal operations, including kidnappings that occurred at night.

In fact, Governor Peter Mbah has given me the go-ahead to deal severely with and eradicate unrepentant cultists and their illegal operations from the state.

"Let me be clear: we will not be sidetracked by social media narratives and will continue to focus on ensuring a more secure and safer Enugu State," he declared.

"Enugu State is safe and quiet enough for residents, visitors, and investors to carry out their businesses," Uzuegbu continued.

He guaranteed the highest level of protection to locals and visitors arriving for the holidays and end-of-year events.

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