Kogi governor: TAF-Africa commends INEC for its nonviolent behavior and PWD involvement

Kogi governor: TAF-Africa commends INEC for its nonviolent behavior and PWD involvementAn international INGO called TAF Africa praised security personnel and the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) on Saturday for organizing a legitimate and orderly governorship election in Kogi.

Mr. Jake Epelle, the CEO of TAF Africa, made the praise on Saturday at a press conference in Lokoja.

According to reports from the organization's observers around Kogi, 80% of people with disabilities (PWDs) were able to use their right to vote in priority during the election, according to Epelle, who was represented by Me Uche Enyioha.

The fact that 75% of them engaged in Imo and 67% in Bayelsa State is another thing that TAF Africa finds impressive.

"A big part of our success was the use of assistive devices including magnifying glasses, braille ballot guides, and EC30E PWD posters, which were allegedly placed in 77 percent of the 30 polling places where we stationed observers in Kogi.

While in Imo state, assistive tools were used in 55 out of 30 voting units, they were used in 67% of the polling units in Bayelsa.

"As of right now, Kogi, Imo, and Bayelsa states have not reported any significant cases of violence against those with disabilities in polling units.

"Based on this foundation, TAF Africa hopes to implore political parties and their followers to uphold their pledge to a nonviolent election and endeavor to keep their supporters away from using violence," he stated.

The CEO also expressed gratitude to the PWD communities for their resilience and dedication to the election, in spite of the incidents that transpired during the general elections on February 25 and March 18.

It is important to note that the preliminary results of TAF Africa were examined at 1:00 p.m. using data from 90 sampled voting places that have registered people with disabilities in the three off-cycle states. On Saturday

"TAF Africa will keep an eye on how the state assembly and governorship elections are conducted as it pertains to the involvement of people with disabilities throughout Nigeria.

In order to promote development, Epelle, however, urged security services, INEC, stakeholders, political parties, and their fervent followers to collaborate in order to guarantee that the election was free, legitimate, and peaceful.


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