Lagos' Fourth Mainland Bridge will generate 5,000 new jobs.

Lagos' Fourth Mainland Bridge will generate 5,000 new jobs.According to the Lagos State Government, the Fourth Mainland Bridge's construction will result in the creation of 5,000 jobs.

A contractor has been chosen to build the Fourth Mainland Bridge project, according to Gbenga Omotoso, the Lagos State Commissioner for Information and Strategy.

According to Omotosho, the bridge will relieve heavy traffic from the first, second, and third mainland crossings, saving drivers in Lagos time on their commutes.

In addition, he said, the project will teach students in the construction of this kind of infrastructure and provide roughly 5,000 jobs for young engineers.

Properties along the project route should appreciate geometrically, he says.

Omotoso discussed the financial implications of the Blue Rail Line in addition to revealing this during an interview on Lagos Television's "Morning Delight" program on Wednesday.

The Commissioner for Information claimed to have heard some ignorant people comparing the price to the Ethiopia Rail Line in Djibouti.

Because the Blue Rail Line is the only one in Africa that was constructed across a body of water, requiring piling, he believed that there was no foundation for comparison between them.

He clarified that the Djibouti Rail Line, which is not situated on an elevated platform like the Blue Rail, is not subject to this circumstance.

"Therefore, there needs to be a difference in the cost, equipment, and expertise deployed," he said.

He went on to say that it was absurd for someone to just draw this analogy and accuse the train line's construction of corruption.

Before making misleading claims on topics they are ignorant of or lack expertise in, Omotoso cautioned public commenters to do their homework and acquire understanding about relevant subjects.

The Commissioner claimed that the Red Line is now a reality after Lagos State Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu opened the Yaba and Oyingbo bridge.

According to Omotosho, a test run of the rail is anticipated in December 2023.

Omotosho clarified, "It can move over a million people a day and is bigger than the Blue Line."

"Today, the three to four hours it takes to get from Oyingbo to Alagbado on average will just take 35 minutes at most.


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