Oluremi Tinubu orders the Army to promote more

Oluremi Tinubu orders the Army to promote more
Senator Oluremi Tinubu, the first lady of Nigeria, tasked the AFN's leadership on Thursday with encouraging more women to enlist in the military.

At the one-day gender mainstreaming conference held at the Defence Headquarter with the topic "Building Capacity Through Gender Mainstreaming to Meet Security Challenges," Tinubu delivered the keynote speech, which was read by the vice president's wife, Hajia Nana Shettima.

She praised the leadership of the Armed Forces for organizing the event, which she said was opportune, and urged the Army to recognize the need to examine regulations that will ease more women joining the military.

"It is about creating a safer, better, and more equitable world for everyone," Tinubu stated in a statement issued by Busola Kukoyi, the First Lady's spokesperson, according to Shettima.

"I applaud the leadership of the Nigerian Armed Forces for embracing the idea of gender mainstreaming in accordance with the UN Security Council Resolution 1325 and Global Best Practice."

In the speech that the vice president's wife read, the First Lady added that Nigeria's security issues are getting more complicated.

"Gender mainstreaming stands as a powerful tool in our arsenal, and innovative and comprehensive approaches are required to address these challenges effectively," the speaker stated.

"Gender mainstreaming is now a fundamental issue about how we perceive and address security challenges; it is much more than a charity and a policy agenda."

She claims that it is acknowledged that security includes not only the use of force but also the defense of human rights, social justice, economic stability, and environmental sustainability.

Senator Tinubu also emphasized that addressing a country's security concerns and advancing gender mainstreaming need teamwork.

In order to encourage more women to enlist and advance within the armed forces, she continued, "we can start by making sure that gender perspectives are integrated into security policies and strategies."

"Women's leadership and involvement in security organizations, peace talks, efforts to resolve conflicts, and bringing a more reconciliatory viewpoint to negotiations must be encouraged.

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