On strike: Osogbo banks are locked and students are sent home

On strike: Osogbo banks are locked and students are sent home
Tuesday saw the dismissal of students from Osogbo, Osun public schools due to the nationwide strike called by the Trade Union Congress (TUC) and the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC).

Students from different public primary and secondary schools were spotted traveling home on the highways and streets, according to the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN).

The entrance at CAC Grammar School, Gbodofon, Osogbo, was left open wide as pupils departed the school grounds and some instructors could be seen gathering behind a tree to have conversations.

In a similar vein, certain banks in Osogbo declined to accept consumers, while others expressed doubts about doing so and only a small number of them opened for business.

Few employees were seen entering and leaving the state secretariat in Abere, and the majority of the offices were empty.

According to a secretariat employee who spoke to NAN on the condition of anonymity, the strike has not yet begun to take shape. If it were similar to earlier nationwide strikes, the secretariat's gates would have been blocked by NLC members and other labor unions.

At the entrance to the secretariat and other key spots in Osogbo, security guards were visible.

The NLC and TUC headquarters have directed the strike, according to Mrs. Modupeola Oyedele, the chairperson of the Osun State NLC Cartaker, who spoke to NAN on the subject.

Oyedele stated that their members will not be participating in any kind of street protest and that they were instructed to avoid going to work.

"With the strike, we are not staging public demonstrations. We are following the directive to not work, which is what we are doing.

"In accordance with the walkout, pupils at public schools have returned.

"pupils were turned back after arriving at school since many sent their pupils back this morning due to the strike directive that was issued late yesterday night.

"Our officials are at the state secretariat to ensure that workers do not resume in their offices, and we are making sure there is compliance," the spokesperson stated.

According to NAN, labor unions ordered their members and affiliates to stop providing services on Tuesday (today), an action the government deems unlawful, on Monday night.

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