Parts of Kogi will hold new elections on November 18, according to INEC.

Parts of Kogi will hold new elections on November 18, according to INEC.In certain areas of Kogi State, elections have been set by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) for Saturday, November 18, 2023.

This information was released by INEC on Sunday in a statement that its spokesperson, Mohammed Kudu Haruna, signed.

"In addition to our earlier statement, our Kogi State office has provided us with an update regarding the suspension of the election in certain locations within the State where the result sheets were completed prior to the start of voting," Haruna stated.

The electoral commission further stated that in the Ogori/Magongo Local Government Area (LGA) of Kogi, the most significant occurrence happened in nine of the ten Wards.

"In Ajaokuta (5 Polling Units in Adogo Ward), Okehi (1 Polling Unit in Eika/Ohizenyi Ward), Okene (5 Polling Units in Obehira Uvete Ward), and Adavi (5 Polling Units in Okunchi/Ozuri/Onieka Ward), we have received reports of similar and other incidents," INEC said.

"Form EC40G for the four LGAs accounts for the results from the affected Polling Units."

Only the results of Oshobane Ward II, which has eight Polling Units and 2,264 registered voters, have been compiled in the Ogori/Magongo LGA, nevertheless.

15,136 registered voters and 59 Polling Units are involved in the nine Ward elections (Eni, Okibo, Okesi, Ileteju, Aiyeromi, Ugugu, Obinoyin, Obatgben, and Oturu), which are still pending.

"A new election will be held on Saturday, November 18, 2023, in the affected Polling Units, in accordance with Section 24(3) of the Electoral Act 2022 and Clause 59 of INEC Regulations and Guidelines on the Conduct of Elections 2022," INEC stated.

It further said that the Returning Officer's assessment of how the Margin of Lead Principle should be used will determine whether new elections are called for.

This decision, however, does not change INEC's declared intention to investigate the audit trail of individuals and documents to identify any potential participants in the process's undermining and, if required, to impose appropriate consequences.

The Commission stated that it wants to reaffirm its promises to Kogi State voters that their ballots will remain valid and that their wishes will be honored.


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