PIND teaches peacemakers how to avoid confrontations in oil-producing areas.

PIND teaches peacemakers how to avoid confrontations in oil-producing areas.In order to monitor, manage, and avoid conflicts before they escalate and interfere with oil operations, the PIND Foundation has trained a select group of leaders from the host communities of oil corporations in Delta State.

Dr. Chukwudi Njoku, the Coordinator for Capacity Building at PIND Foundation, states that training and peace building initiatives have become essential to reducing the increasing number of conflict cases in communities where oil firms operate.

Through strategic alliances and cooperative efforts, the non-profit Foundation for Partnership Initiatives in the Niger Delta (PIND) advances fair economic growth and peace in the Niger Delta region.

According to Njoku, the participants' capacity for managing, preventing, and mitigating conflicts as well as for peacebuilding will be enhanced by the training and interaction sessions.

"We have people from communities in Delta State who are specifically hosting oil companies to train them on how they can manage conflicts in their communities," he stated. Conflicts are common and typical in Hindu civilizations, not only in their communities, and individuals need to know how to handle them in order to prevent violence from breaking out.

All of the competitors are from Delta State, and they were chosen from among the towns where oil corporations have operations. My objective would be to increase their ability and improve their understanding of the peacebuilding process as well as conflict management and prevention.

"Difficulties arise not only in the communities where oil companies reside, but also in our everyday activities."Additionally, we are aware that certain conflicts arise there.Based on the participant testimonies and narrations, we have been able to identify a few of these conflicts.

Dr. Njoku emphasized that the participants' positions will assist PIND Foundation as an organization in designing interventions in those communities that will aid in reducing conflicts. She further explained that the training involved working together with the participants in a session on conflict analysis for PIND to understand how the participants think the conflicts can be managed.

In addition to receiving training on conflict early warning and response, the participants are expected to act as conflict peace actors who can report conflict incidents to PIND's early warning and response system and take peaceful action to stop those conflicts from getting worse.


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