Reps panel head Benson is adamant about repairing Nigeria's defense sector.

Reps panel head Benson is adamant about repairing Nigeria's defense sector.
Babajimi Benson, a member of the House of Representatives, promised to do everything in his power to bring the Defense Industries Association of Nigeria (DIAN) back to life.

On the All Progressives Congress (APC) platform, Benson, who was representing the Ikorodu Federal Constituency in Lagos State, stated that he was determined to see the goal through and hence sponsored the Defence Industries Corporation of Nigeria Bill.

He voiced hope that once the proposed legislation became law, the defense sector would be better equipped to deliver the crucial service of changing the nation's security architecture.

According to him, the Bill aims to transform DICN into a Military Industrial Complex (MIC) by granting it the authority to "regulate local and international military businesses thereby saving cost in the procurement of military hardware and providing jobs for Nigerians." It also makes DICN largely self-funding.

"Operation, maintenance, and control of ordinance factories for the manufacture, storage, and disposal of material intended for or capable of being used by the Armed Forces, other security agencies, and such other forces or persons as may be authorized," the lawmaker stated, "is one of the bill's key highlights."

In order to meet the material needs of the armed forces and other security agencies, the agency should be given more authority to establish subsidiaries in collaboration with local and international businesses by acquiring shares in businesses that produce relevant products or by expanding the membership of the Governing Board to include all important stakeholders.

Establishing a Defense Procurement Committee for the Corporation to improve accountability and transparency, as well as granting the agency the sole authority to manufacture, purchase, and sell explosives (subject to the Explosives Act's regulations) in Nigeria.

Making sure that the Corporation's funding comes from statutory budgetary allotment, funds given by the government for the acquisition of pertinent defense production capabilities, such as missile and aerospace technology, and funds that may arise from other sources in line with the Corporation's goals and functions;

Among other things, it creates a Defense Industry Corporation of Nigeria Technology, Research and Development Institute and grants the organization the authority to regulate and license manufacturers of defense articles. It can also work in tandem with the Defense Industries Association of Nigeria (DIAN) and other pertinent associations.

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