Rogers laments the rising rate of poverty in Nigeria during the Impact Award Ceremony.

Rogers laments the rising rate of poverty in Nigeria during the Impact Award Ceremony.
Ms. Jane Rogers, an actress and humanitarian who has won awards, has expressed her disapproval of the nation's high and rising rate of poverty and how it affects children negatively and permanently.

During the Third Edition of the Global Impact Awards in Abuja, which had as its theme "Poverty Alleviation: Implementing policies that will galvanize Nigerian economic development," Rogers made this statement.

Prominent figures and celebrities attended the event from Nigeria as well as other countries, including Kenya, Ghana, Liberia, Uganda, and South Africa.

According to Rogers, the purpose of the award is to recognize outstanding people and personalities who have significantly improved the world.

"We travel to impoverished communities and rural areas in an effort to reach communities," the speaker stated. To be honest, a lot of individuals are struggling because of the economic climate. We therefore want to take advantage of this chance to engage with as many people as possible, including the government, in order to observe how acts of kindness proliferate throughout Africa.

"The knowledge that so many people would just end up in an orphanage inspired me. In addition to visiting the orphanage, you may know someone near to you who is in need. Occasionally, I notice a lot of abandoned items when we visit orphanages.

"And then, since many people are focused on orphanages, someone who does not even have a father may be lacking food that you are wasting," the speaker continued. To find out how we can support those in need, we should also reach out to others who live nearby and in our communities. That's what we're saying, then. Give something good to someone if you have any extra food or clothing that you don't need.

International motivational speaker and author Jimmy Asuni stated in his remarks that he thought there was a talent hidden behind every impediment.

"Today, I am here as a symbol of hope to show you all and to remind you all that inclusivity in our policies is important as we fight poverty," he stated. Let's all modify appropriately to include individuals such as myself in the battle against poverty.

"One major problem in Nigeria is poverty. As far as we are aware, more than 70% of people on the planet survive on less than $1 per day. This is intolerable given the resources Nigeria has at its disposal.

Speaking as well, Dr. Josephine Abraham—the recipient of the Most Impactful Personality of the Year award—stated that the majority of the poverty we discuss nowadays exists only in our minds. When you give it a lot of thought, you find that you can function with what you already have.

It is extremely depressing to look down on what you have in your pocket or to rely on what someone else has in their pocket. It gives you a victim mentality.

High Chief Dr. Chetachi Ecton, who won Woman of the Year; Hon. Dr. Betta Edu, who won Global Philanthropist of the Year; Barr Uju Kennedy, who received the Women Leadership Award; H.E. Amb. Dr. Jonathan Ojadah, who won Most Outstanding Global Leader of the Year; Barr. Emmanuel Ogede, who won Diaspora Philanthropist of the Year; and Real Warri Pikin, who won Most Influential Comedian of the Year are just a few of the recipients of the Global Impact Award.

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