Strike: In Enugu, some gas outlets close and long lines reappear.

Strike: In Enugu, some gas outlets close and long lines reappear.A few gas stations in the city of Enugu opened for business with long lines, while other outlets shuttered in observance of the continuing nationwide strike.

Major marketplaces, including Ogbete Main Market, New Market, Gariki Market, and others, opened for business on Tuesday, according to a News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) correspondent who was on the scene for the first day of the strike.

NAN did note, however, that panic buying was occurring in markets as most shoppers were occupied packing their bags with as much food and household supplies as they could afford.

Together with the majority of state and federal government offices, the majority of banks in the city also opened for business.

Mr. Emeka Nwabueze stated at one of the gas stations that he went to grab some petrol for his automobile since he thought the strike could last longer than usual.

"I am taking precautions as situations are hardly predictable in this country today," Nwabueze declared.

"It's a good thing I have this fuel to keep me moving around because I can't afford to be held back because my car isn't filled up because I regularly take someone to the hospital for checkups."

Another person, Mr. Innocent Monday, said that it would be best to join the queue and acquire the fuel now rather than waiting to be informed that the current statewide strike has caused it to cost N800 or N1,000 per liter on the black market.

All employees in Enugu State who belong to the Trade Union Congress (TUC) or the National Labor Congress (NLC) have been instructed to join the current nationwide strike.

This is stated in a statement that was signed on Tuesday in Enugu by Comrade Benneth Asogwa, the Enugu State Chairman of the TUC, and Comrade Fabian Nwigbo, the Enugu State Chairman of the NLC.

This is a follow-up to the NLC and TUC Joint National Executive Council (NEC) meeting resolutions requesting a countrywide strike to begin on November 14, 2023.

“All workers under the affiliate unions of the NLC and TUC in Enugu State are hereby directed to proceed on indefinite strike from 12 midnight of Nov. 14, 2023.

The statement stated, "The strike action shall continue until we receive a contrary directive from our National Leaders."


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