TCN claims that vandalism and insurgency pose a threat to transmission towers.

TCN claims that vandalism and insurgency pose a threat to transmission towers.
The Transmission Company of Nigeria, TCN, has said that insurgency and vandalism pose a major threat to transmission towers in the country.

It debunked the statements that the TCN had inflated contracts and prices, and clarified some issues.

TCN stated this in Abuja, through the Environment Reporters Editor-in-chief, Ambrose Sule, during a press briefing, with the theme: “TCN Programmes and Achievements.”

He said: “The attention of the Management of the Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN) has been drawn to a publication alleging that specific contracts termed Emergencies and were not awarded in line with the procurement guidelines.

“TCN has over 1,80OKM of 330kV and 132kV high voltage transmission lines, And transmission towers traversing the entire nation, and several through very Difficult terrains including swamps, forests, areas prone to flooding which cause Rapid erosion of tower bases, and natural disasters.

“Also, some of these towers And lines pass through land mines in insurgency prone areas, which is inevitable as the lines must convey electricity to citizens. These difficult terrains negatively impact transmission towers and also make it easy to vandalize the towers and lines underscoring the need for emergency procurement.

“Also, the scourge of insurgency and vandalism threaten transmission towers Bearing the high tension lines and when these towers are attacked, thcy must be Repaired almost immediately to forestall the total collapse of the tower which.

“Often would drag and pull down a number of towers along the same line route, if Not quickly remedied causing full system or partial collapse of the nation’s grid.

“In this case the method of emergency procurement to quickly effect repairs Would be adopted.l Section 43 of the Public Procurement Act 2003, states as follows; “A procuring Entity may for the purpose of this Act, carry out emergency procurement where The; (a) the country is either seriously threatened by or actually confronted with A disaster, catastrophe, war, insurrection or act of God.

“The condition or quality of goods, equipment, building, or publicly owned capital goods may seriously deteriorate unless action is urgently and necessarily taken to maintain them in Their actual value or usefulness.

“Under this condition, TCN can undertake emergency procurement of the projects. The Bureau for Public Procurement (BPP), is the government Agency saddled With the responsibility of enforcing the monitoring and prior review of Thresholds set by the council, for the application of the provisions of the Procurement Act by procuring entities, they stipulate to all procuring entities the Procedures and documentation prerequisite for the issuance of “No Objection” for contracts to be awarded.

“Being professionals with expertise in the procurement process, they review all Procurement submissions as it relates to the contracts, including those listed in the Publication.

TCN notes that the BPP thoroughly reviewed the contract Documents before granting TCN No Objection” and requested further Clarification and documentation to support the method of procurement before They were approved.

“Contrary to the allegation on inflated contract prices, the Bureau actually Observed that TCN made some savings through contract negotiations held with Various contractors before arriving on a reasonably fair and acceptable price Limit, considering the emergency nature of the projects in question and the Current market process.

“In line with the provisions of section 42 of the Public Procurement Act 2007, For direct procurement, TCN obtained official approval from the BPP obtained Approval for the said projects after due process.

“TCN remains committed to transparency, accountability, and delivering essential services to citizens, emphasizing the necessity of emergency procedures to ensure the integrity of the national power grid.

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