Thanking Tinubu for his intervention in the Rivers problem, Fubara Government


Thanking Tinubu for his intervention in the Rivers problem, Fubara GovernmentRivers Governor Siminalayi Fubara has shown sincere appreciation to President Bola Tinubu for his "fatherly intervention" during the recent political unrest that shook the state.

A signed statement that Fubara gave to reporters in Port Harcourt on Saturday expresses his thanks.

"A series of communication channels to facilitate the timely resolution of the festering political crisis," he said of the president's mediation.

In order to guarantee that peace and stability returned to the state, he also congratulated older statesmen.

Fubara described the circumstances that led to his Monday visit to the Assembly complex to evaluate the extent of the damage and take urgent action to safeguard people and property there.

He claimed that on Sunday, he was deluged with information that the assembly's sacred chamber had been completely destroyed by fire.

He claimed that the fire department had done a good job putting out the fire, and then security services had taken over.

"I gave the security services instructions to look into the situation in great detail and report back to me.

"I received news shortly after that the assembly had split into two groups, one of which claimed to have impeached and suspended the House Leader along with three other members in order to start the process of impeaching me.

In addition, the opposing group asserted that they had impeached the Speaker and Deputy Speaker, so igniting a political crisis.

"Let me be quite clear: my efforts are intended to bring peace and stability back to our state.

"As governor, the progress of our state is my first priority. I am a man of peace.

"Therefore, I will make any sacrifice necessary to accomplish this goal.

Furthermore, it is the joint duty of the Federal Capital Territory's Minister and recent governor, Nyesom Wike, as well as my humble self, to use our positions and connections both inside and beyond the state to further the welfare, security, and advancement of our people.

"Therefore, we must not permit conditions to exist that could impede our people's efforts to achieve greatness."

The governor pledged that he would always be prepared to follow the road that leads to enduring peace and quiet.

In addition, he said that he would carry out the president's and other well-meaning Nigerians' efforts and proposals in order to permanently resolve the situation.

"I promise the good people and young people of Rivers that peace will undoubtedly prevail and that we will keep cooperating to enhance the security, peace, advancement, and prosperity of our state.

In my capacity as governor, I genuinely apologize to the fine people of Rivers for the unfortunate worries you have been experiencing lately.

Fubara expressed gratitude to everyone for their prayers, love, and support.

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