The first lady promises to lift more than 180,000 women out of poverty across the country.

The first lady promises to lift more than 180,000 women out of poverty across the country.Through her PET project, First Lady of the Federal Republic of Nigeria Senator Oluremi Tinubu has promised to lift more than 180,000 women out of poverty across the country. The Practical

She said that the "No Woman, No Nation" training project will help 5,000 women in every state escape poverty.

When launching the program in Jigawa State, Ambassador Akintola Oluwasayo Julius, the National Chairman of the program, revealed this.

According to Julius, each state would pay N10 million for the project.

These include the acquisition of chemicals, ingredients, and supplies for training-related practicals in various areas.

Additional costs include those related to logistics, transportation, training materials for every participant, facilitator welfare and food, and support for the housing and food of the trainers, among other things.

He claims that money raised through government parastatals, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), civil society, religious organizations, community-based associations, private organizations, foundations, and philanthropists is the source of funding for this crucial initiative.

When the Vocational Training Project is finished, it is expected to foster self-reliance by methodically identifying and carrying out development projects and programs that will have a positive impact on the socioeconomic development of the host state and local government councils in each state of the federation. The project is Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Rewarding, and Time-bound (SMART).

According to Ambassador Julius, "we noticed that not fewer than 20,000 beneficiaries, comprising men, women, youths, and widows, are expected to benefit from project based on their self-convinced areas of interest after critical analysis and cross-examinations."

Earlier, Governor Umar Namadi praised the First Lady for starting the program to give young people and women groups in the teeming communities gainful jobs, while also welcome Ambassador Julius to the Jigawa State Government House in Dutse.

He gave the First Lady the assurance that Jigawa State government was always dedicated to improving empowerment programs for its throngs of people.

Hajia Zainab Mohammed Pawa, the Jigawa Chairperson of "No Woman No Nation," emphasized in her speech the organization's nonreligious, nonpartisan goals, but also stated that it was founded to support and develop women's societies to get skills for better life.

Mrs. Pawa said that the main goal was to use the four cardinal sectors of education, health, agriculture, and poverty alleviation initiatives to empower women economically and health-wise.


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