The government of Zamfara guarantees mining investors a safe and conducive atmosphere.

The government of Zamfara guarantees mining investors a safe and conducive atmosphere.
Dauda Lawal, the governor of Zamfara State, gave assurances to both domestic and foreign investors on Monday regarding the safety and favorable business climate for those wishing to invest in solid minerals in the state.

With at least 27 distinct solid minerals under its territorial control, including gold and lithium among other essential minerals, the state is thought to have a lot to offer investors.

At the press conference in Abuja, Lawal, who was accompanied by Mariam Yaro, the Executive Secretary of the Investment Promotion Agency (ZIPA), urged eager investors to seize the opportunity provided to prospective mining companies in the state.

The governor assuaged investors' concerns by stating that the state government had put in place safeguards to guarantee investors' safety and an atmosphere that made conducting business easier.

He stated: "To the best of my knowledge, Zamfara has 27 different minerals in commercial quantity. You also know that a state is very well endowed with agricultural produce aside from the minerals." You would concur with me that Zamfara is an assured location for investors when you combine these two crucial economic factors.

Therefore, people who are ready to invest ought to visit Zamfara. To be honest, nobody should be afraid to invest because there is a guarantee of safety and a supportive atmosphere. I am aware that despite the unrest in other places, such as the Democratic Republic of the Congo, where there are abundant diamonds, people will always manage to get where they need to go as long as they are aware that there are mineral riches nearby.

He added that they anticipate having roughly 300 representatives from each of the 14 local government areas who would also help in the area of security for the state. He said that the security arrangement is thick enough to protect people and their interests in the state because it includes all relevant security outfits, local vigilantes, and the citizens.

He added that the government is making every effort to empower women in the state by promoting and formally integrating them into the mining industry, given that many women today are strengthening their economies through small-scale and artisanal mining.

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