148 teachers are trained by NTI in green life skills and climate literacy.

148 teachers are trained by NTI in green life skills and climate literacy.
According to the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), 148 teachers in Kaduna and Benin have received training in climate literacy and green life skills from the National Teachers' Institute (NTI).

According to NAN, the Federal Ministry of Education collaborated with the training.

The NTI's Director and Chief Executive, Prof. Musa Maitafsir, made this announcement during the opening of the three-day training session at the Institute's Kaduna headquarters.

According to Maitafsir, the original version of the training was meant to take the place of the long-standing Special Education Needs and Disabilities (SENDs) program.

He claimed that the program was extensively cascaded and had trained instructors all around the nation.

He declared, "The Institute worked with prestigious international partners like the office of Climate Change Education in Paris and Commonwealth of Learning Vancouver, Canada to design and develop this training in an effort to maintain its leading role in teacher training, not only in Nigeria but globally."

According to Maitafsir, the training's objective was to address climate change—a critical worldwide issue—in the context of Nigerian education.

"The main goal is to enable Nigerian educators to positively influence climate literacy by motivating students to become active participants in the critical endeavor of addressing climate change," he stated.

According to the director, NTI is well-positioned to fulfill its share of the Sustainable Development Goals and establish a sustainable future by providing Nigerian teachers with improved Green Life Skills and Climate Change Literacy.

He claimed that NTI bemoaned instructors' lack of opportunities to stay current with pedagogy and knowledge.

According to Maitafsir, the vast majority of instructors have not participated in any kind of in-service training since graduating from high school.

Therefore, in line with the present NTI mandate and trends in teaching and learning, he expressed the Institute's commitment to continuing to collaborate with the pertinent stakeholders in order to give Nigerian teachers the skills they need to better their employment and profession.

The program was slated to take place from December 13 to December 15. According to NAN, there were two locations across the country, in Kaduna and Benin, with 80 and 68 participants, respectively.

Prior to this, Dr. Ibrahim Bala, the Chairman of the NTI-SDGs Implementation Committee, stated that the training took place in tandem with the recent COP-28, which was held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and attended by over 130 world leaders, including President Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

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