5,004 senior officers are promoted by NCoS.

5,004 senior officers are promoted by NCoS.
5,004 senior officers who took part in the 2023 exercise organized by the Civil Defense, Corrections, Fire and Immigration Services Board have been promoted by the Nigerian Correctional Service (NCoS).

This was said in a statement made on Saturday in Abuja by Mr. Abubakar Umar, the Assistant Controller of Corrections' Service Public Relations Officer.

According to Umar, Mr. Haliru Nababa, the Controller General of NCoS, charged the recipients with preparing for greater work, understanding full well that a promotion entails more responsibility.

Nababa warned the cops who had just been promoted to get ready for what lay ahead.

He urged the people who didn't get the promotion to stick with it since there will be plenty of chances in the future.

He stated that 35 Deputy Controllers of Corrections were promoted to Controller of Corrections, and seven Controllers of Corrections were promoted to Assistant Controller General of Corrections.

68 Deputy Controllers of Corrections, 129 Assistant Controllers of Corrections, 426 Chief Superintendents of Corrections, and 650 Superintendents of Corrections are among the others who were elevated to new levels.

"Among whom are those qualified for upgrading and excluded from advancement: 1,048 Deputy Superintendents of Corrections and 2,641 Assistant Superintendents of Corrections," he stated.

According to the head of NCoS, the Service is dedicated to enhancing employee welfare and making sure that prisoners are reformed and rehabilitated in accordance with recognized international standards.

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