Commissioner: The woman who attacked her stepdaughter will face legal action.

Commissioner: The woman who attacked her stepdaughter will face legal action.The mother suspected of abusing her 12-year-old stepdaughter in Tsafe local government area (LGA) will face legal action from the Zamfara State Government.

When Dr. Nafisa Maradun, the state commissioner for women's affairs, children, and social development, visited the victim in Tsafe on Wednesday, she revealed the information.

According to Maradun, Aisha Mustapha, the woman, was accused of forcing her stepdaughter to drink urine by melting nylon on her body.

"Therefore, we will pursue it to ensure that, in the event of a conviction, she bears the full brunt of the legal consequences."

She declared that this type of abuse would not be tolerated by the government and that the accused would be brought before the court and the child would receive justice as soon as the inquiry was finished.

She further stated that in order to guarantee that the accused woman received justice if proven guilty, the state administration will pursue the case through to its natural end in coordination with local non-governmental organizations (NGOs).

Malama Maryam Muhammad, the victim's biological mother, also spoke and urged the state administration and concerned nongovernmental organizations to look everywhere for evidence of the accused person's alleged atrocities.

She expressed her gratitude to the Commissioner and a few NGOs' representatives for their concern over her daughter's situation.


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