Congressmen applaud the military and highlight the impressive advancements made in combating insecurity in aviation.

Congressmen applaud the military and highlight the impressive advancements made in combating insecurity in aviation.General Chris Musa, the Chief of Defence Staff (CDS), has received praise from the House of Representatives for his initiative in combating insurgency and banditry across.

Major General John Ochayi, the Commandant of the Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA), was also praised by the Green Chamber for his competent and open management of the academy's operations since his return in June of this year.

The praise was given by Hon. Philip Agbese, Deputy Spokesperson of the House of Representatives, when the two appeared before the House Committee on Defense to review the 2024 Military (Defense) recommendations.

Agbese claims that the lawmakers are proud of the Armed Forces for their notable achievements in containing the menace of insecurity in Nigeria.

"We must recognize Nigeria's remarkable successes in the war against terrorism, insurgency, and banditry. You have shown yourself to be a round peg in a round hole ever since you took over as Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces under President Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

"You and your soldiers have taken on insecurity head-on, and you have made Nigerians and lawmakers proud. I'm sure the President would be pleased that he made the right appointments in appointing you and others. We are equally pleased with the NDA Commandant's accomplishments at the academy thus far. Agbese praised him as a brave, professional, and forward-thinking officer.

But in order for the Armed Forces to consistently prevail in the fight against insecurity, he urged them to keep enhancing their operations and intelligence collection.

It was time for each member of the House Committee on Defence to express gratitude to the armed forces, noting that they required additional encouragement and assistance to continue protecting Nigeria's territorial integrity.

The head of the House Committee on Defense, Hon. Babajimi Benson, gave his word that the legislative committee would use all effort to guarantee that the war against insecurity was ultimately won through the use of legislation.

"We recognize that you are living in a very difficult situation," he remarked. We are aware of your financial constraints and the fact that you require money for barracks, weaponry, and aircraft. We applaud you on behalf of my committee. Well done.

While acknowledging that the defense sector was underfunded, Hon. Benson pledged to work with the House leadership to find further ways to increase funds.

In his speech, the CDS expressed gratitude to the lawmakers for recognising the military's efforts and promised to conduct a thorough investigation into the recent bombing incident in Kaduna. "It was an error, not intentional, but we are taking steps to ensure that we address it and prevent it from reoccurring," the CDS stated.

"Security is everybody's responsibility, not just ours," the CDS continued. We are grateful that you are aware of our difficulties and are prepared to help; rest assured, however, that we will not take this for granted.

We promise you, Nigerians everywhere, that we are prepared to do everything it takes to guarantee that there is peace in Nigeria because it is not just for us but also for our children and their children's children. We would accept any assistance that we may receive to strengthen our capability and capacity.


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